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Why Should You Hire a Security Guard

It’s no secret that you reach out to someone who can offer you protection when times get tough. In fact, that’s exactly what a security officer does. The main responsibility of a guard is to ensure their client’s safety above all else. They offer you protection and complete defense from all threats. Besides, you can reap numerous other benefits from hiring a security guard. Just take a look below:

  • Safety always comes first.
  • Specifically trained for emergencies.
  • Quick response time.
  • Help to maintain order.
  • Efficiently deters crime.
  • Boosts customer service.
  • Reduces stress.

Different Types of Security Officers

Although it might come off as a surprise, there are various categories of security guards to choose from. They may not all seem so different at first, but the services and level of skills they offer do indeed vary. Here’s a list of seven types of security guards you can choose from for your next job:

  1. Residential Guards
    If you’re looking to hire security for your apartment complex or cul-de-sac, then a residential guard is your best bet. They are specially trained to maintain order and peace, along with assisting you in your daily needs. Their primary job is to monitor any suspicious activity and patrol the block during day and night shifts.
  2. Commercial Guards
    Commercial guards help to enhance the safety of the business world. From public bars to shopping malls and small retail stores, they offer their services to all. At times, commercial officers can also take on the job of enhancing security for warehouses or special corporate situations.
  3. Personal Guards
    Personal protection officers are better known as bodyguards. They offer their service in public 24/7 and stay by your side when needed. Not to mention, they are mostly hired by famous people rather than your average joe. Personal guards require a lot of vigorous training, so if the time comes, they’re able to get through the different situations and scenarios.
  4. Stationary Guards
    You must have noted the infamous guards outside the Queen’s palace. Stationary officers have the particular job of defending their area without moving an inch. They stick to their places in a very strategic manner. However, when required, they can easily communicate with other guards, no matter the distance between them. Moreover, surveillance camera guards are also known for their unmoving positions.
  5. Unarmed Guards
    The guards you see in public places are mostly unarmed. They’re easy to spot, with specialized uniforms to set them apart. Nonetheless, being unarmed doesn’t mean they’re defenseless. These uniformed officers carry a standard baton and pepper spray for extreme situations.
  6. Armed Guards
    Armed security officers carry licensed firearms or other weapons for maximum protection. They’re highly trained in their field, which means that being prepared for life and death situations is a must. Not to mention, being more experienced in combat allows them to handle high-risk jobs. Usually, armed guards offer their services for important places like Museums, Governments Offices, and the like.
  7. Event Security Guards
    Event Security Guards make sure that security isn’t breached during events. In fact, they land their job one event at a time and follow standard security protocol. It is their duty to keep an eye out for any odd behavior in packed places — for example, concerts, conventions, festivals, etc.

To Wrap it All Up

In the end, remember that having you and your loved ones safe is, without a doubt, a top priority. Make sure you follow all the steps to ensure your safety when going out, especially by paying closer attention to your surroundings. In any case, if you’re in need of special protection, reach out to Western Eagle Security. Just give us a call at 281-496-6800. We’ll be there to find the best security solutions for your needs.

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