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What can security guards do with guns? They can do a lot, in part because unlike your average gun owner, security guards are required to complete training. They have to know the different types of guns, as well as what ammunition they take, and what the best firearm is for a situation. Nobody needs to take a high-assault rifle when patrolling a home, but a pistol wouldn’t work either.

The bigger question though, is if guns are really needed in home security? Many homeowners with guns say they are, although a good amount of these homeowners use guns primarily for hunting rather than protection. Some just forgo using them at all, and keep them as decoration and for display instead. Whatever the case, there are a lot of complex emotions surrounding the issue of guns right now.

No security guard will ever just randomly fire their gun, though. The situation will always be assessed first, and in many cases, if it can be resolved without the use of a gun, it will. Think of it as the final line of defense.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of armed security guards patrolling, discuss that with the team assigned to you. Security is a priority, of course, but your comfort is just as valuable — if you can’t sleep or are anxious over it, then we wouldn’t be doing a very good job. Overall, security is about you, and what your needs are.

If you decide that you don’t need armed security guards, that’s fine too. Gun safety and handling will still be a priority of security training, because there will always be a moment when they may have to decide whether or not to shoot. In that case, you want the best-trained and informed guard possible, right? Guns have a time and place when it comes to security.

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