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Wherever big crowds are gathered; music concerts, sporting events, or conferences, it is always important to conduct bag checks at the entrance. This serves to ensure that guests do not go in with contraband or items that may endanger the lives of others. Here are some tips to keep in mind when checking visitors’ bags:

Never rush

With hundreds of people queued up and clamoring to get in, you may be tempted to rush through the bag checking process. Never make that mistake. Your duty is not to make sure that people get into the venue quickly, it is to keep them safe.

Always search in front of the bag’s owner

Avoid accusations of theft by searching all bags in the full view of the owners. Also, try to return everything in the bag to their original positions.

Have someone watch the people in the queue

While you search the bags, have someone else scan the people in the queue. If they see anyone fidgeting or trying to conceal something in their bag, you should be careful (and thorough) while searching their bags.

Protect yourself

Don’t just dip your hands into a stranger’s bag, there may be sharp or dangerous objects in there. Wear thick gloves or use a baton to move things aside in the bag. If any item feels suspicious, bring it out and exam it in the open.

Hire security guards

If you want bag checks done professionally, then hire professional security guards to do it. These people are trained on how to check bags thoroughly, sniff out danger, and handle any incidents.

For all events in Texas or its environs, contact Western Eagle Security for your security needs. Call 281-496-6800 for any inquiries or to make an appointment.

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