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Hospitals are recovery centers for sick and lifesavers for ones in emergency conditions such as accidents. When you visit a hospital, you feel a sense of safety for yourself or for the patients. So what contributes to this sense of safety? The immediate and significant answer would be doctors, which is very real. But apart from the medical staff, there is one other person as well that works night and day to keep your and your loved ones safe. That unsung hero is the security guard of a hospital.

A security guard is a person that prevents crimes and take necessary actions to limit the harmful incidents from entering the premises of a hospital. Let us have a look at the duties of a hospital security guard.

Help Deter Crimes

A guard is the first line of defense against crimes outside the hospital premises. The guards are present at the entrance and exit gate 24/7. They search every person who enters the hospital and prevents the entrance of any harmful object or person. In case anyone tries to enter forcefully, they can take the necessary actions to keep everyone safe. In an extreme situation such as blasts or riots, the guards make sure that no harm is made to the hospital building or anyone inside it.

Keep the Hospital Premises Safe

The presence of guards only at the entrance is not enough to make the area safe. Therefore the guards are also present and patrol all around and inside the hospital. Their presence is especially important around the billing counters, where a lot of cash is present.

Emergency Evacuation

The guards are fully trained to handle emergencies such as a fire or terrorist attack. They are well aware of emergency exits and safety techniques. For this, they work their way out to keep everyone safe and minimize the causalities.

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