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An entrance is the first point to secure; an intruder can quickly enter through the unguarded door. The door security guard at any residential building or commercial place protects the place and provides mental peace. Here we will look at how a site is secured by installing proper force and using gadgets.

Door security guard

When considering your present place or moving into the new one, make sure that all entrance points are secure. It is seen that burglars keep a constant look at the gates for entry if, by chance, it is left open. The hinges and frames should be strong and not easy to unlock. Besides, before moving into a new place, change the locks first. It would be best to assure that no one else has the keys to the entrance other than yourself. Hire the private armed or unarmed guards at the gate. When running a business, provides safety and peace to the workforce and your customers. While at home, you know your family is safe.

The security guard can help you secure the place. At times sliding doors are not entirely secure and can open easily, hence depending on your requirement, use the ones appropriate for you. You can also have door sensors or glass break sensors. They alert you when an intruder enters, however with a guard on duty to scare the unwanted guest; you will be safe.


After doors, windows are the next entry point for thieves. If your place has enormous windows, ensure that they are safe and protected. You can install security films on windows or install glass break sensors. Guards can’t be there on all the windows; however, they keep their eyes on all windows and entry points when securing the building. You can have window bars or prickly bushes around, especially if your area is not secure.

Proper lightening of the place

Keep the area well lit; this will scare away the thieves and burglars. The front and the back yards should not be dark even at night. Moreover, the guards standing in the place will keep an eye, and you can safely move around. To save on bills, use solar lights. These are effective, charging during the day and running smoothly in the dark. Few places also have light-activated with motion; hence whoever enters the guard will immediately be aware. Taking immediate action can stop any immense tragedy from happening.


A garage is also an ideal place for the thieves to enter. In many incidents of home burglary, the thieves enter through the garage. Make a habit of locking the garage, both from inside and out. If you have a security code, make sure it is secret and only people you completely trust have the code. Have extra locks in the garage, and if you feel suspicious at any point, change the locks immediately. Use home automation; it is quite helpful for home security.

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