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Doorbell cameras, where cameras are installed near or over the front door, are getting pretty popular these days, but what’s the benefit? There are a few.

Visible cameras deter burglars, regardless of where they are around the house. They let people know they’re being recorded, and that there’s a home security system in place. When it comes to deliveries, they can be very helpful — considering that many deliverymen leave packages in plain view for anyone to come along and pick up. You’d be able to review the footage if anything happened, and recover the package.

You don’t have to guess who might be at the door, especially if you’re not expecting anyone or if you’re out of the house. Many doorbell cameras can be viewed via a phone, therefore if you were on vacation and got a package, you could then ask your neighbor to pick it up and store it for you. In addition, some doorbell cameras come with an intercom system, so if you’re at home and not expecting anyone, you can ask your visitor what they’re here for. This communication is also good at night.

And finally, as security techniques advance and houses increasingly become smarter, more and more people are looking to buy houses with security systems already built in. Installing cameras increases your property value, and makes the house more attractive to possible buyers. It never hurts to think about it, even if you’ve only just moved in.

Doorbell cameras are, overall, a great investment.

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