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On average, most companies spend 1% of their capital on further training their security officers. Your security team not only protects your workplace but represents the integrity of your company.

How often do you have drills for security protocols done in your workplace?

It is often argued that fire drills and other security protocols do not need to be practiced. Conducting security protocols is essential to training your security team. It tells you how to prepare you for every situation and contingency.

Do you have fitness tests done for your security officers?

If your guard is not fit, will he/she be able to act with mobility? You need to ensure the fitness of your security guards with utmost priority.

Does your security team carry firearms?

Do you send your men to the shooting range regularly? Arming a security officer is not enough. Armed guards often go through rigorous training. Nevertheless, even if your guards carry rubber bullets, they must be trained regularly. Security officers are often regarded as a liability if they make a mistake while on duty. If they are unable to stop a crime, the company will be made responsible because it is up to you to prepare your men for every situation.

What happens if the guard gets injured on duty, even if it was their mistake?

Train your guards better to avoid having to pay for their injuries. Untrained security guards also affect the productivity of a workplace. You would find professionalism and work ethics in a trained security guard but will not see them in an untrained guard. He/she may not take matters seriously. He/she may not be alert and responsive in an emergency.

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