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When it comes to museum security, what is one thing that comes to your mind? Well, if I talk about myself, it’s The Mona Lisa” by Leonardo!

Whereas the list can go pretty long with “The Scream” by Edvard, “Harlequin Head” by Picasso; “Poppy Flowers” by van Gogh, “Jacob de Gheyn III” by Rembrandt, and countless other art pieces that were stolen within a glimpse of an eye from some famous museums.

With a staggering ratio of almost fifty thousand art pieces being robbed from museums annually, museum security is not a thing to be ignored! However, the topic has become deeper than ever for the sake of advanced tricks and technologies used by burglars and intruders. This post will explain to you the importance of museum security.

Advancement in Museum Security

With technological advancements intervening in every walk of life, museum security has also upgraded with the change of era; human guards are no longer the best approach to secure the artifacts and art pieces worth millions and billions of dollars. What comes in handy here are the modern security systems making the efficient use of integrated security systems backed up with surveillance cameras, intruder alarms, motion detectors, and armed security individuals who can handle such situations.

CCTV Cameras vs. Armed Security Guards

Where CCTV cameras are in all ways better than human resources, People are still curious to compare them and know the differences. Well, where burglars have advanced their skills to do the job in less than a minute, it is hard for a human resource to witness the situation and respond instantly within such a short time.

On the other hand; CCTV cameras have a connection with intruder alarms; they are more efficient at completing the task. While the intruder alarms ring, the burglars are instantly informed that they are being seen, which reduces the chances of any such incident.

Moreover, installing integrated security systems with CCTV cameras throughout the place works as a deterrent. One great piece of advice is to have screens displayed within the museum; where the visitors can see themselves; know that someone is watching them!

Are Electronic Security Systems Enough For Museum Security?

When we talk about museum security; it is highly appreciable to understand that electronic security has nothing to do if not accompanied by armed individuals. Witnessing the burglary incident of the famous Cellini Salt Cellar worth 30 million; from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is enough to understand; that installing alarms and security cameras without any armed individuals will be a waste of money and, of course, valuable. The burglary took a minimum of 58 seconds; and while the alarm rang on time, only the alarm was not enough to save the sculpture.

Last but not least; another piece of advice is to have fixed routes to the museum and organized security checks on entrance and exit.

Museum security is one of the toughest jobs because the motive is to protect the valuables and keep the gates open for all visitors. “Art is to be cherished and not hidden.”

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