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Burglary and robbery are terms we often hear and use interchangeably. But when it comes to burglary vs. robbery, there is a significant difference between them. Therefore, if you are wondering what it is, keep reading.

What Is Robbery?

When an offender takes something from a victim by force, it is robbery. A robber uses force by putting the victim in a position where they are fearful. Robbery is a violent crime that benefits from the victim’s fear of force to take something. Robbery is of two types:

1. Armed Robbery: When a robber uses a weapon to frighten the victim and commit their crime.
2. Strong-Arm Robbery: When the robber relies on their physical strength to commit the crime.

To summarize, robbery involves using force or fear to take someone’s possession or property against their will. It is a felony offense that can lead to substantial fines or imprisonment.

What is Burglary?
A burglary is when someone enters a property or vehicle intending to commit a crime, like stealing. Burglary can be classified into three categories:

1. Forcible Entry
2. Unlawful Entry (when the burglar enters the property unauthorized, without the use of force)
3. Attempted Forcible Entry

To sum it up, burglary is entering someone else’s property unlawfully to commit a crime.

Burglary Vs. Robbery: How are They Different?

When it comes to burglary vs. robbery, a few factors separate them. These factors are:

Use of Force

Robbers use force or fear of force to set their crimes into motion. They can use weapons or physical strength to commit the crime. On the other hand, burglary does not require scaring the victim.

Who the Crime is Against

In burglary vs. robbery, the focus of the crime matters. Robbery is a crime against a person, as it requires taking the victim’s possessions by force. In comparison, burglary is a crime against a place or a thing. Burglary is entering a place, and in this crime, intention matters. Burglars do not necessarily need to use force to reach their goal. Moreover, they aim to do the job and get out.

Attention & Witness

Burglars aim to commit their crimes unnoticed. Thus, in burglary vs. robbery, attention can also be a difference. Robbers force their victims to give up their possessions unwillingly. Hence, they have eyewitnesses as well. Burglars try to stay on the low, and their aim and method are to do their job without attracting attention.
If burglars run into the owners while committing their crimes and proceed to threaten them, they have committed robbery as well.


The intention is what separates burglary and robbery as well. Burglars intend to commit the crime in a way that no one will notice. Robbers intend to make their victims hand over their possessions. Thus, in the burglary vs. robbery debate, the intent is an important consideration.


While discussing burglary vs. robbery, you should be aware of the key differences. Although robbery is a more serious crime, burglary has the potential to turn risky too. Do you know what can help? Hiring security services. If there is a guard nearby while the robbery occurs, you can save your possessions. Similarly, guards and security services can protect your property and vehicle against burglary. To get round-the-clock protection, you can rely on Western Eagle Security. Our expert services are a few clicks away at 281 496 6800 or

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