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In a fast paced society that we live in right now, it is quite impossible to keep check of everything. Be it hospitals, school facilities, residential premises, corporate events etc.

It is highly important to ensure reliable, trustworthy and robust security and surveillance systems. Join us in this blog where we unpack the difference between physical and virtual security and how both have their own importance when we talk about security in general.

Security Guards V/S Security Camera

Human securities, as we call them security guards, count as a traditional mode of security. It is an integration of physicality and surveillance.

On site security guards help in providing real time, immediate reaction to any potential threats and other imminent dangers.

That being said, humans also have a tendency to emotionally connect and with security guards, be it in your residential or business related premise, you can put in some (if not totally) amount of trust which gives you a sense of security and mental peace. The presence of security guards act as a deterrent to criminals.

In today’s world where technology is taking over, it is impossible to escape its influence. It is a good idea to use technology to our benefit.

With increasing innovation in technology, high end security cameras come with multiple features like ultra HD results, night time vision, wide-field view, two way audio, sensory motion, remote access and cloud storage to ensure safety and mitigate potential threats and invasions.

Which is better?

It is not a question of choose or pick. Ideally, it should not be. It is about employing the right balance of physical and virtual surveillance systems as per your needs and requirements. While security guards provide a human touch to security, security cameras are eyes that never tire.

With a use of spontaneous judgment and intuition, security guards can physically intervene and respond to emergency situations which cameras might not be able to perform but they can surely collect evidence for future reference. Security cameras are a robust security measure that you can use for monitoring the designated premise at all times – despite you being present.

Concluding with an Example:

Imagine an office premise that needs to ensure security for its employees but the boss also needs a way to regularly monitor office employees at all times to ensure that the office decorum is maintained.

For that purpose both security guards and security cameras are a viable option; each serving its own functions.

Security guards can prevent the premise and employees from any outside threat while security cameras can help record employee behaviors patterns or any mishap that occurs within the premise such as theft or harassment.

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