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Security patrols, either in a vehicle or on foot, are one of the best deterrents of crime in your business or homeowner association (HOA). The sight of a security patrol will, in most cases, send burglars, intruders and vandals fleeing. They would rather move on to an easier target than risk being caught by security.

However, you must realize that a security patrol is more than warm bodies. Those personnel need first-class training, outfitting, and background checks. Without the proper training or an in-depth background check, a guard could cost you significantly, in private lawsuits. Plus, these guards represent your company.

Why Communities Hire More Security Patrols

Businesses, communities, and HOAs in the Houston, TX, area are hiring more security patrols to keep out intruders, burglars and vandals. Hiring a professionally-trained and outfitted security team will cost less in the long run than recruiting, retaining, training, doing the background checks and outfitting a standing force on your own. Plus, when you need additional security for planned events, you simply call management and let them know how many guards you will need and for how long; they are already trained, outfitted and ready for patrol. Or, you could ask for a security assessment for your upcoming event. Usually, the appraisal from a security outfit is free.

Banks, small retail outlets, HOAs, liquor and convenience stores are always targeted by petty thieves, and a security patrol will effectively deter these thugs. What’s more, just the presence of trained professionals will give you, your employees and customers peace of mind. The last thing any business wants is for employees or customers to fear when coming into their location. A security guard or patrol may be just what your business needs to restore your customers’ faith and secure their return.

Why Western Eagle Security? We Are the Security Patrol Professionals in Houston

Call Western Eagle, (281) 496-6800, when you need advice or an appraisal of the security operation at your business, HOA, or retail store. Western Eagle Security has well-trained security officers on staff. With completed background checks and periodic drug testing, you can count on us for your businesses security. We will visit your establishment and do a thorough evaluation of your security guard needs, and let your management team decide what is right for you. Your security is our profession. Visit our website, use the convenient contact form or send an email:

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