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The 21st century introduced us to all new forms of security threats. While hiring security guards is vital, many companies have certain misunderstandings regarding security guards.

The first misconception that people have is that hiring security guards is costly and that only those with immense wealth and money need security guards to protect themselves. Security guards, in truth, are pretty affordable for any business. They protect your shop from thefts, shoplifters, and all sorts of dangers.

The second misconception is that people believe that you need security guards only in places that are a common target for crimes. However, security guards commit all sorts of different tasks. For example; a security guard standing outside the library would note down the names of everyone who has passed by him. Similarly, security guards can also assist receptionists during the night and act as a majordomo in a hotel, helping out the guests.

Another common misunderstanding is that security guards do not receive enough training and are unprofessional. Every security guard undergoes rigorous training, including learning first aid, combat techniques, handling and using firearms, and security protocols in an emergency. After their training, they are given a certificate and a license.

The last misconception we will be discussing is; that security guards do not provide proper security and are simply a formality. Most security guards do not keep themselves physically fit. Once; they did get trained for their role and were healthy upon receiving their license; but now they may spend their whole day sitting on the chair, not even noticing who passes by. It is the security company’s responsibility that they keep their security guard’s peak physical form; send them for practice training regularly, and make sure they do their job correctly.

You must hire well-trained and well-equipped security guards, and that is simply what we have to offer. Hire the best security guards available by calling Western Eagle Security Inc at 281-496-6800, and our team will be able to assist you.

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