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As much as the holidays are about happiness and wanting the best for other people, there are still some people who will try to take advantage of others at this time of year. As deliveries are numerous at this time of year and many people leave their porches unprotected, it’s expected that the theft rate seems to skyrocket.

What can you do to prevent that?

Something which you may already have installed is a camera system. This won’t necessarily deter thieves from picking up packages, but at least you’ll have them on camera. At that point, it may be more about shaming them for stealing a Christmas delivery than being able to deliver actual justice. However, if it’s known within your neighborhood that you have cameras — or if they’re visible, that may be enough to deter them.

Amazon, for instance, may have a better idea. They have set up delivery centers all over the country. When your package is ready to ship, it goes to the delivery center, instead of your house. When you pick it up, you’ll need a code to get into the locker or some form of ID. This ensures that a package isn’t just waiting at your doorstep for anyone to come pick it up, but that it’s in a secure environment. You can also arrange to pick up packages at a local post office. If you live in an apartment building, it’s a good idea to ask the superintendent how package deliveries are handled. If possible, they can store packages in a safe location.

And if it’s possible too, try to make sure you’re home for the delivery. Many websites include a tracking number in your order, so it’s easy to see when your package is expected and to figure out if you can be home or not. Whether or not you need to sign for it, being able to bring it in right away and remove temptation is the best possible solution.

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