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Protecting What’s Yours

Choosing the right private security guard for your business, Homeowner’s Association (HOA), or private property requires practical considerations to protect its assets. It should not be thought of the same as selecting a pizza place. There are many issues you will want to consider, such as training, insurance, uniforms and equipment, and armed or unarmed.

Essential questions that need answers include many of the following: Will the guard be stationary monitoring CCTV, or on patrol? Will the patrol guards use your vehicles or will the private security guard agency supply those as well as uniforms, weapons (when necessary) and equipment? Does the agency do the required background checks and drug testing? Can they provide trained and licensed armed security guards as needed and on short notice? Do they meet or exceed the State of Texas training requirements for armed guards?

These issues should be determined and discussed in a face-to-face meeting after a careful analysis of your security needs is completed by the agency you are considering. A reputable security firm will conduct a free security assessment of your facility. Any agency that attempts to “seal the deal” over the phone should make you cautious.

Other Considerations Regarding the Right Private Security Guard

Movies like “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” may have convinced many of us that you’re traveling a rocky road when you hire a private security guard. Real life isn’t a movie designed to entertain. Most security guards realize they’re not the police, but are professionally trained, know their limitations, and are trained to provide an appropriate response.

Many security firms weed out prospective problems through a thorough background check; however, those that don’t leave themselves and those who employ their guards open to civil liability suits. Another decisive juncture in identifying possible future problems is the interview. A pre-employment interview can prune out overzealous potential problems. Security firms want their business to flourish just as you want your business to succeed. But, it is up to the consumer to do their due diligence when deciding on a security firm. They should decline those firms that attempt to pressure them into a rushed decision.

Get the facts, choose a local firm and keep a responsible executive within the organization on speed dial so they can be given the opportunity to correct personnel problems quickly.

So Many Choices, So Many Considerations

Looking for a private security guard or team is not that different from hiring any service provider like a landscaper, caterer, or pool maintenance company. In each case, they might contribute to how the public looks at your business, and you should get reliable references.

Ask other small business owners or HOA directors. Look online for local agencies, start with four and five-star agencies, but don’t discount the three-star company without looking further into why they received a three-star rating. If there are only one or two reviews for an agency, it might be the reason for a lower score, especially when there are older reviews; the problem may have been corrected. Likewise, a four or five-star rating may be misleading as well.

In the Houston, TX area you can save yourself a lot of time by considering Western Eagle Security first. They have an excellent reputation for providing private security guards for Houston businesses and offer a free security analysis.

Western Eagle Security – Private Security Guard Providers in Houston

Contact Western Eagle Security by calling (281) 496-6800 or visit their website and use the convenient contact form to set up an appointment for your FREE appraisal today.

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