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The choice to use armed or unarmed security depends mainly on the situation and the threat level. No one disputes the fact that security is a significant concern for all companies. Implementing proper security measures brings reassurance to owners, employees and customers alike. With proper protection in place, you can rest easier knowing your investment is not at risk. The location and your business’ niche define the significance of employing security.

Armed Versus Unarmed Security

There are four factors to consider when hiring security:

  1. What presents the likeliest risk to your business?
  2. Cost and threat level
  3. Training
  4. Type of facility or event that needs security

The first step is to decide which do you want to use, armed or unarmed security. To employ an armed professional, they must possess a permit to carry firearms or any weapon; even a baton requires proper training and certification. Armed security officers, known as “commissioned officers” in Texas, as opposed to non-commissioned officers, who are not authorized to carry weapons.

It is understandable to think an armed guard is the best option. But, what if you need to protect your event, building or equipment against minor vandals and protestors? Does it still make sense to pay the added expense of an armed professional?

Most businesses looking for a security firm discoverunarmed security is more rational in most situations and a less expensive option. Besides being less costly, unarmed security guards do not require the additional insurance coverage, nor accountability concerns. Armed guards always cost more because of the extra training mandated and availability.

Often, the presence of a uniformed guard is enough to deter a wide range of crimes. Even unarmed security has the specialized training and experience needed to keep your facility protected. They are trained to report to law enforcement when something questionable occurs.

Circumstances Favoring Armed Security Over Unarmed Security

There are circumstances under whicharmed security is necessary and suggested by law enforcement professionals. For instance, when banks, jewelry shops and similar businesses require more than just a uniform, or when special events with VIPs in attendance have identified specific escalated threats.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using armed security as opposed to unarmed security in specific situations to protect your business. A quality, experienced security firm can provide your business with reliable security, both armed and unarmed.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Western Eagle Security –Your Choice for Security Officers

After you decide on armed or unarmed security, give us a call at Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800, or, when you need assistance making the decision,use ourconvenient contact form for consultation and a free appraisal. Alternately, send us an email:

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