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The Relationship Between Better Security and Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance companies consider a number of factors while calculating monthly premiums. Risk is perhaps the most prominent of them, and the lower the security risk at your home or place of business, the lower your insurance costs. Here are a number of ways you can beef up security at home, ensuring the safety of your family and effectively reducing your monthly premiums:

Install a comprehensive home security system

According to a report by the insurance information institute, homeowners stand to reduce their home insurance costs by up to 20% if they have an extensive security system installed. A CCTV monitoring system, a functional alarm system, and motion detectors are some of the ways you can shore up your home security system.

Hire professional security guards

As good as a home security system is, however, it has its limitations. While the cameras will capture an image of the intruders, it may not be enough to stop them from carrying out their nefarious plans. The presence of armed security guards will further act as a deterrent to potential intruders.

Furthermore, combining an extensive home security system with a personal security guard increases the level of security at your home. This further reduces risk, and consequently, your insurance costs.

Setting aside insurance costs for a while, think about the effect that, say, a robbery attack will have on your home. You and your family are put in real danger, your valuables are carted away, and your kids, scarred for life. And it’s not as unlikely as you think; according to an FBI report, there were 7.7 million property crimes in the US in 2017 alone.

To discuss how you can improve security in your home, contact Western Eagle Security, we have been securing homes and business location in the Houston Area for almost 2 decades. Call 281-496-6800 for any inquiries or to make an appointment.

5 Factors to Consider While Hiring a Security Service

To ensure safety, it may become necessary to beef up your personal security or employ a security guard for your place of business. Here are some factors to consider if you are in the market for a security service:

  1. Expertise

How much expertise do they have? How familiar are they with your environment? The ideal option would be a security service that has the expertise to handle your particular needs. And well-skilled local services will always be superior to outsiders that don’t understand your terrain.

  1. Job experience

How long has the service been in business? What is the background of the people that they hire as security guards? You don’t want to entrust your life (or business) to a newbie service that hires amateurs.

  1. Pricing

Top class security services are not cheap. However, if an agency’s pricing is too low, it may be a sign that their services are not top-notch. Find a good balance: a service that works with your budget without being too skimpy on services.

  1. Response time

Should an emergency arise, how quickly will they provide backup? To find out about this, you may need to contact past clients or rifle through verified online reviews.

  1. Service delivery

How professional is their service delivery? How big is the company? Very big security companies may not be ideal for people looking for personalized services.

If your residence or place of business is in the Houston axis, then you need to check out Western Eagle Security. This company has been providing protection to individuals, residential communities, office buildings, schools, and supermarkets in the Houston area for the past 13 years. For inquiries, call 281-496-6800 0r 512-368-2244.

What You Should Look for in a Security Company

The Best Security Company

These days, people are looking for the services of a good security company. Security is extremely crucial in today’s world, to protect your company’s assets. Hiring the services of a security company plays a significant role in improving the safety of a home, homeowner’s association (HOA), business and other vital organization. It is essential for a person or an institution to make an informed decision when hiring a security firm. Making a wrong choice may lead to undesirable consequences.

Here are some things an individual or a firm needs to look at before contracting the services of a security firm in Houston, TX.

Turnover Rate of the Firm’s Employees

It is straightforward. High turnover is a clear indication there is something wrong with the security company or its management. Maybe the firm is not paying the guards well, or they do not have good working conditions, which could serve to demoralize them. As such, when you contract the services of such a firm, you might not get the best value for your money. The guards might not make adequate patrols or do a satisfactory job for you. In extreme circumstances, they might even coordinate with criminals to steal from you or your company.

Number of Years in Operation

Some start-ups with a high percentage of former law enforcement and military personnel are an excellent choice; however, that is not always the case.You should look long and hard at their operations before putting your assets in their hands.

Work with a firm that is well-established and has experience handling a wide variety of security matters. An established security company knows the various loopholes in the security sector and has the infrastructure to address these challenges. Management in an established company is also more able to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the security business. Do not ignore this critical aspect.

Client-Base of the Security Company

Their client base can tell you a lot about the efficiency and reliability of the security company. If reputable organizations have contracted the firm, then it usually signifies they provide quality services. Ask for two or more references, then go ahead and contact them to determine the quality of services they received. Some questions you might wish to ask are: What is the reliability of their guards? What are some of the issues they had with the security company? Do they attend to emergency issues right away? Are they consistent? Are they able to provide additional guards on short notice, or armed guards who meet or exceed Texas state standards? Contact Western Eagle Security for the best services now!

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Getting the Most From a Security Patrol Company

Getting the most from a security patrol company for your business or homeowners association (HOA) starts with hiring the right local firm. A regional or national firm might fulfill all the requirements but may be too big to provide the personal touch your business deserves. If you have a firm you’re happy with, you should notchange. In fact, you should make more of an effort to get the most out the firm you’re with now.

Basic Requirements of a Security Patrol Company

Even when you already have a security company under contract, reviewing these standards could help you get the most out of your relationship with them. If you are still looking, use this checklist to help you find a professional and reliable security patrol company. Here are some of the necessities you must verify:

  • A stellar reputation
  • Bonafide references
  • Background checks
  • A drug screening program
  • Training, weapons, and equipment
  • Sound, experienced leadership
  • Current state license
  • Frequent random supervisor checks
  • Workers’ Compensation that meets or exceeds statutory minimums
  • Current liability insurance of at least $1 million per incident/$3 million total

Frequent Meetings With Leadership

You should have someone from upper management of the security patrol company on speed dial and vice versa. They should be able to track their security personnel on a smartphone app and provide daily reports and emergency updates.

Regular meetings do not need to be formal but can just as easily take place by phone. However, you should schedule a quarterly sit-down to discuss performance and specific plans for additional guards or armed guards for special events. Just assuming a company can meet your needs for added assets might leave you without adequate coverage.

An easy way to enhance security and performance is to state your requirements upfront. Let management know if you are unhappy with their guard’s performance. Likewise, you should let them know if someone’s performance is exemplary, as well. Regular feedback will assist your security patrol company in improving their services to you.

Frequent Spot-Checks

Random spot checks of security at your business or HOA can help you get the most out of your security guards. When you or someone from management drop by unannounced, you can determine a lot about how the guards are performing their duties. Check to ensure the guards are receiving “site-specific training.” Each guard, before they are posted, should receive specific instructions about their post. A few questions about their duties will let you know if they have been briefed and understand what their duties are. If they weren’t briefed or don’t understand their job, get that fixed right away.

Verify Certification and Training

Verify state certification and training requirements and ensure compliance. Although it is the security patrol company’s responsibility for certification and training, if there is an incident, you could be held partially responsible. What’s more, your reputation is at stake, as well as theirs, so don’t risk it. As the saying goes:An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Choose a Quality LocalSecurity Patrol Company

If you are, for the most part, happy with your current security services, work with them, using the above steps, to improve your relationship. However, if you are having problems with them, they refuse to work with you or you are still looking, consider Western Eagle Security, the local professionals you can trust.

Western Eagle Security –Your Local Security PatrolProfessionals

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Top Traits to Look for in a Private Security Firm

Before retaining a private security company to manage your business’ needs, make sure the company’s qualities match your requirements. Here are standard elements thattrustworthy security firms have in common, and some key indicators of an efficient security company.

Industry Provider of Private Security

Go to a reputable provider and look for a firm thatprovides quality customer service, has a positive reputation with solid reviews, and treasuresits interaction with clients. Bigger doesn’t always equal better and remember, when it comes to security, you’re more than just a number. Personal service counts for a lot when your customers, staff and employee’s safety is at stake.

Financially Sound

You don’t want to hire a firm thatis economically unstable. You may be left stranded without security at all. To determine financial strength, look for indicators which point to economic vitality.

Transparencyof Services Provided

You should be able to tell from the company’s first page on their website precisely what they do. If they aren’t transparent, stay away.It could be a scam.

Fundamental Values

Make sure the private security firm provides personnel who are trained to see things others miss. The underlying values of the firm will tell you much about the company’s expectations when it comes to their guards.

Innovative Technology

Review the private security firm’s technology as well as their strategies for keeping uptodate with all current innovations. Selecting a company committed to staying on top of industry advancements will often help increase productivity and efficiency in your own business. Does the firm use a smartphone app to track guards and send instant reports and updates?

Knowledgeable Leadership

Review the development of the company’s expertise. Are leaders in management positions qualified commissioned security officers authorized to carry weapons? Does the firm ensure their employees use the industry’s best practices while working? How will the firm’s expertise benefit your business? Make sure the private security firm’sprocedures and policies align with yours and your business’ expectations.

Management Plan

Review the private security firm’s management plan. The company will need a definitive plan to allow for natural adaptation and incorporation of changes. The security firm should be able to grow with your business. Match your needs with their services early. Understand their willingness to accept feedback, indicatinga long-term partnership is possible and beneficial to both your business and theirs.

Staff Training

Review the private security firm’s training records. Do they provide background checks on their employees? Do they comply with Texas law for random drug testing? Can they produce any required license and necessary certification? And any other documentation needed to make sure the firm’s security officers are trained and qualified?

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Hiring the Right Security Guard Company

Hiring the right security guard company may require some looking around to find the one that best fits your needs. Many companies provide security as an add-on or in addition to their primary business. They are probably not a company you should consider high on your list. Although they’re worth checking into, you really want a security guard company that provides security as its only business or at least as its primary function. Below are some of the practices or performances you should expect.

Choose a Local Security Guard Company

You should hire a local Houston area security company to provide your guards. A national firm may be too large to give you the best customer service. With a local company, you will likely have the small business owner on speed dial, rather than having to go through a call center to access the boss. And, that call center may not even be in Texas, or the US for that matter.

Customer service must be a priority. Of course, providing top-notch security guards is the primary focus, but meeting the customer’s needs is important too. Neither should be mutually exclusive.

Choose a Company That Can Provide Additional Guards Temporarily

The security guard companyyou hire should be large enough to provide additional guards temporarily for special events and last-minute details. Generally speaking, you will have advance warning of VIP visits or events that require armed guards; however, you do not want to have to turn down a visit or event because you cannot provide enough guards to cover last-minute requests.

Licensed and Insured

Make sure the company you choose is fullylicensed and insured to cover any liability. A one-million-dollar policy that includes worker’s compensation, general liabilities, and auto insurance for roving guards is the standard for a security guard company. And don’t forget to have them list your company as “additionally insured” on their policy.

Training and Equipment

Ask any company you are considering to provide a detailed synopsis of the training their guards receive – what is their ratio of commissionedofficers to non-commissioned guards, and what equipment will you need to provide. They should have a good balance between those authorized to carry weapons and those not permitted to carry. Plus, if you must provide equipment or uniforms, it should be at a discounted price. Likewise, you should not have to do drug tests or screening.

Western Eagle Security –Your Security Guard Company in Houston

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Security Officer

Although there are many benefits to hiring a security officer, we will discuss the five bests reasons you should hire a private professional for your business in the Houston area. In our eyes, those five arguments are more rationale than justification. Anyone with business sense knows that when you leave your warehouse unattended, crafty burglars are devising plans to take from you what does not belong to them.

Even if your insurance would cover 100 percent of the cost of recovery and law enforcement always captured the bad guys, there’s still that feeling of insecurity for you, your customers, and your employees after an intrusion. It’s also good business sense to take the inexpensive option when hiring a guard force.

Choosing to hire a trained and ready security officer makes better sense financially versus the expense of training and equipping security yourself. In addition, these professionals are familiar with their area of operation (AO), they are a valuable crime deterrent, they give your customers and employees peace of mind, and they’re professionally trained to handle volatile situations in the workplace and after hours.

These are not necessarily in order of importance because different business ownershave differentpriorities. However, here are our top five business rationales for hiring a security officer or guard force from a private professional provider such as Western Eagle Security in Houston:

#1 – Reduced Costs

When you consider how much it costs to advertise, interview, conduct background checks, hire, equip, and train a security officer, it is smart to employtrained and equipped officers who are ready to start. Even when you contemplate a long-term arrangement as more financially beneficial for your business or homeowners’ association (HOA), it will take months to complete the process. In addition, you will need to hire and train a security managertoo to comply with Texas state law.

#2 – They Know Their AO

A security officer knows their AO and immediately notices when something is out of place or just not right. They patrol your warehouse, business grounds, or HOA subdivision as directed and will become aware of any loiterers or interlopers planning a possible intrusion.

# 3 – Crime Deterrence

Having security on the grounds watching over your business after hours is a valuable crime deterrent that will allow you peace of mind. Anyone considering a break-in will see there is security personnel on duty and “take the path of least resistance,” and move on to a more manageable target.

#4 – Customer & Employee Consideration

Having a security officer at the front door gives everyone a better feeling of security and will help to provide a stress-free environment for your workers and better shopping conditions for customers. Likewise, a problemed employee is less likely to act up knowing security is on the job.

#5 – A Professionally Trained Security Officer

This rationale could easily be the best for hiring a security officer, depending on how you feel about the financial side of the equation. Primarily this is true because professionally trained personnel know how to react and what actions they can take by law. Therefore, there is less stress of a lawsuit because of an overzealous guard who used too much force on a shoplifter or trespasser.

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Choosing a Houston Security Guard Service in 2018

Today, in our world full of good times and bad, you need assurance you are protected from the later. Classically, there have always been a few reasons why property owners hire a Houston security guard service – a sense of trust, stability and professional-grade training. These components are crucial and cannot be compromised when it comes to the safety of your business, property or family in 2018.

A Sense of Trust

Especially if you’re a business owner, you will have concerns about the integrity and honesty of the people you employ. Choosing a security guard service will ensure peace of mind in this regard. Hired guards from an outside security service undergo background checks and have specific training to be impartial when it comes to employee and customer disruptions alike. Additionally, you can trust that these seasoned professionals are outfitted correctly and have all the tools necessary for the job at hand. If for any reason you have issues with a hired guard, all you need to do is call the company; the issue will be resolved properly, and a new guard will be sent out. Quality security service will kindle that sense of confidence all of us need to sleep at night.

Stability and Flexibility

With outside security services, flexibility and stability are both at your fingertips. Hiring for steady weekly hours or just a monthly event is equally accessible. It’s easy to specialize your services based on your needs. If a guard is sick one night or even quits, a hired security guard service provides more stability, because the hiring process is not the job of said business or property owner, it’s the sole responsibility of the security company to provide a painless solution.

Professional-Grade Training

Professional security guards are trained to a specific standard, while others may not provide a clear picture of training or standard procedure in high-stress situations. Hiring your own security guards can be stressful, and you don’t really know how they may react and the extent of their training. Hired security guards have access to all the security tools necessary and have the training on how, what, where, when, why to handle situations. Professionalism is the backbone of our Houston security guard service; you can trust that every individual hired security guard reflects that standard of excellence.

Your Houston Security Guard Service

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More Communities Are Hiring a Security Patrol to Ward Off Crime

Security patrols, either in a vehicle or on foot, are one of the best deterrents of crime in your business or homeowner association (HOA). The sight of a security patrol will, in most cases, send burglars, intruders and vandals fleeing. They would rather move on to an easier target than risk being caught by security.

However, you must realize that a security patrol is more than warm bodies. Those personnel need first-class training, outfitting, and background checks. Without the proper training or an in-depth background check, a guard could cost you significantly, in private lawsuits. Plus, these guards represent your company.

Why Communities Hire More Security Patrols

Businesses, communities, and HOAs in the Houston, TX, area are hiring more security patrols to keep out intruders, burglars and vandals. Hiring a professionally-trained and outfitted security team will cost less in the long run than recruiting, retaining, training, doing the background checks and outfitting a standing force on your own. Plus, when you need additional security for planned events, you simply call management and let them know how many guards you will need and for how long; they are already trained, outfitted and ready for patrol. Or, you could ask for a security assessment for your upcoming event. Usually, the appraisal from a security outfit is free.

Banks, small retail outlets, HOAs, liquor and convenience stores are always targeted by petty thieves, and a security patrol will effectively deter these thugs. What’s more, just the presence of trained professionals will give you, your employees and customers peace of mind. The last thing any business wants is for employees or customers to fear when coming into their location. A security guard or patrol may be just what your business needs to restore your customers’ faith and secure their return.

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Security Patrol Techniques that Work

Whether on foot or in a vehicle, there are certain techniques a security patrol should use to make their job safer and more effective. Some of these techniques are common sense tips, while others should be ingrained in every security guard’s operating procedures. These techniques are not listed in any particular order, as who can say which security patrol technique is more important. Is it more important to wear comfortable shoes for patrol or to be less predictable? The obvious answer is unpredictability, but after a few hours in a pair of uncomfortably tight shoes, you might change your answer.

Of course, the focus of any technique is to keep your security patrol safe, but just as important is protecting your client’s assets. Therefore, let’s take a look at a few things you can incorporate into your patrol’s standard operating procedures.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

A good pair of sturdy, rubber-soled shoes is a must for a security patrol on foot. Since you never know when the plans for your patrol might change, and suddenly your vehicle patrol turns into a foot patrol, always err on the side of sensibility. Plan to walk for your entire shift and don’t forget, circumstances might make it necessary to run during your shift, too. So, make sure your shoes are up to the challenge and you are fit for the task.

Keep Security Patrol Routes Unpredictable

Never use the same route twice during a shift, change it up, so intruders can’t use your routine against you. Give corners a wide berth, so you’re not caught off guard while on a security patrol. During planning, intruders will often watch their target closely and make notes of routine patrols. The more unpredictable your patrols are the safer you will be.

Maintain Your Gear and Gun

Maintenance of your weapons and other defensive gear could mean the difference between life and death; it’s that important. Not all situations allow a security patrol to be armed, so make sure your defensive gear is maintained and in good working order as well. While you’re in a tussle with an intruder is no time to find out your taser is not working or not even on your belt.

Keep Your Distance

It is particularly important to keep a safe distance between you and an intruder when you’re alone. Maintain eye contact and have the intruder kneel on the ground with fingers interlocked behind their head until assistance arrives.

Stop Periodically – Just Look and Listen

While you’re patrolling, your gear makes a lot of noise, and it is difficult to see any other movement while you are moving. Stop occasionally and look around. It’s kind of like that railroad track warning we received as kids, “Stop, Look, and Listen.”

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