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Security Guards

What Security Guards Can And Can’t Do?

Dec 30, 2021

When it comes to what security guards can and can’t do, we all know that security guards are not police officers, similar to how police officers are not security guards. Now, what does this mean? With both being the representatives of law, order, and authority, there is a fine line dividing the two classes of […]

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Security guard’s role in law and crime

Feb 15, 2021

Law and crime are two main elements of society; following the law and order makes you a good citizen. On the other hand, the authorities are against you when you commit a crime; and then you have to suffer punishment. It depends as per the state laws. Security guard plays a significant role in regulating […]

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Door security guards to secure your place

Jan 30, 2021

An entrance is the first point to secure; an intruder can quickly enter through the unguarded door. The door security guard at any residential building or commercial place protects the place and provides mental peace. Here we will look at how a site is secured by installing proper force and using gadgets. Door security guard […]

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Benefits of an armed security guard in school

Nov 30, 2020

Due to the increasing violence in our cities, even schools are no longer a safe place. While looking at the last few years, we have heard about many past incidents, and students have lost lives in the school shooting tragedies. Therefore this raises the need for armed security guards in school. A school has to […]

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Here’s why Your Apartment Needs a Security Guard

Oct 30, 2020

No matter where you work, study, or enjoy your favorite movie, security is a concern everywhere. But one place everyone wants to feel safe and relaxed is their home sweet home. It’s the responsibility of apartment management to ensure the safety and security of each of its residents and their guests. Issues such as theft, […]

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