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Is it Time to Replace Your Security Guards?

If you have been using the same security service for a number of years, you need to re-evaluate their performance. This tells you if your current guards are as effective as ever or if you need to hire new people. The following will help guide your decision:

Are they getting complacent?

Does it seem like your security guards have become lax in their services? Perhaps the weekly incident reports have started arriving several days late, or guards no longer resume their shifts on time? When you voice your concerns, doesit seem to fall on deaf ears? These are signs of a security service that is getting complacent. If you don’t replace them quickly, you are putting your house (or business location) in danger.

Compare past and current performances

Compare how effective your security was in the past to how it is presently. Has there been an increase in security breaches? Are your guards misjudging more situations? Are they jumping to conclusions and backtracking more frequently now? If the answers to all these questions are in the affirmative, you know what to do.

Is familiarity becoming a weakness?

Complacency and poor performance are both symptoms of familiarity. The truth is, after working with you for years, there is a tendency that your guards stop being as vigilant as before. When this starts to happen, you should have your security company send you new personnel. Alternatively, you can hire a completely new security service and start afresh.

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Unexpected Advantages of Security Guards at Businesses

More small businesses are hiring private security services to provide protection against petty thieves and criminals. However, in addition to keeping customers and employees secure, there are other less-considered advantages to having a security guard at a business location.

Crime prevention

When small-time criminals are on the prowl for businesses to attack, they often get deterred by the presence of alert security guards. Rather than risk the engagement, they just move on to the next business that does not have security.

Customer satisfaction

Your security guard is the first person that customers will meet/ interact with when they visit your business. Little things count and a greeting from your guard will go a long way in painting your business in a good light. Additionally, when people see a security man at the entrance, they feel more secure in the building.

Video surveillance monitoring

In a bid to deter criminals, some businesses opt for video surveillance equipment over security guards. However, without a guard to monitor the feeds and anticipate an impending attack, surveillance equipment will only provide evidence after the fact. If you have a guard at the entrance and another in a security room, you get active monitoring and active protection.

In addition to keeping customers secure, a security guard provides business owners with an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction rates and ensure that visitors return. If your business is located in Houston and you are thinking of hiring a security service, then you won’t find any better than Western Eagle Security. If you have any questions, please call 281-496-6800 0r 512-368-2244.

How an Unarmed Security Guard Can Help in an Active Assailant Incident

The new mantra or rule for an unarmed security guard who gets thrust into an active assailant incident is “grab, drop and strike.” Of course, no one expects an unarmed security guard to engage an armed assailant, but some will bethrust into that kind ofsituation and have no choice but to react.

When the assailant is so close the guardcannot avoid confrontation, theironly choice might be to engage. However, theymust act quickly and aggressively. By twisting and pulling the gun into theirchest as theyfall backward, could the object is to avoid getting shot or to pull the weapon from the hands of the assailant. The drop also allows gravity to give the guardan advantage.

Guards are trained to remember once theyhave a gripon the weapon, to never let go. They must keep both hands on the weapon and head butt, knee or elbow the assailant until help arrives.

An Unarmed Security GuardShould Direct & Defend

It is not the duty or responsibility of an unarmed security guard to confront an armed assailant. Instead, the guard should use their knowledge of the area to move innocent bystanders in a safe direction, help the injured, if possible, and direct emergency responders to the injured. They can also advise armed law enforcement about the whereabouts or movements of the assailant. Taking these actions will free up police to do their job – apprehend the assailant.

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The Dangerous Life of a Security Guard in Houston

Violence against security guards in the Houston area and across the country is intensifying. There were two incidents of violence against Houston area security guards during the last week of January 2019.

Two Houston Security Guards Assaulted

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, an area father without permission tried to pick up his son from school. When approached by the security guard, he tried to run the guard over with his vehicle.

In another incident reported by the Houston Patch, three individuals assaulted a security guard, stole his weapon and fled the scene. These two incidents and others point to how dangerous the profession is and an increase in crime against security guards. However, if the guards weren’t there, who might get the brunt of these assaults?

The Security Guard: Providing a Deterrence

As good as the Houston Police Department (HPD) is, they cannot be everywhere when violence rears its ugly head. That’s what makes having a trained and ready security team so crucial to businesses, schools, and homeowner associations (HOA).

A uniformed security guard, whether armed or unarmed, provides deterrence against robberies and violence. Security specialists not only provide a strong deterrence, but they also give you and your employees peace of mind.

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When Should You Hire an Armed Security Guard?

Knowing when you need an armed security guard versus an unarmed guard could save you a lot of money. Armed guards require additional training and background checks. Therefore, the security company that pays for the training expects a better return on their investment. Whether you need an armed guard or not usually depends on the threat level.

However, there are times when you require an armed guard based on the event and who will attend. Other situations might demand an armed guard presence daily until the situation gets resolved.

Texas Armed Security Guard Requirements

In Texas, the Public Safety Department regulates the prerequisites for armed security guards, or commissioned officers, which is more stringent than the requirements for a noncommissioned officer. Commissioned officers in Texas are allowed to carry weapons, and noncommissioned are not. A baton or nightstick is a weapon. Some of the requirements for commissioned officers are:

  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • Drug testing
  • FBI background check
  • US Citizenship
  • No previous felonies or “Lautenberg Amendment” violations
  • 30 hours of training/instruction with weapons
  • Requalification every two years

NOTE: The Lautenberg Amendment makes it illegal for people convicted of domestic violence to carry guns. This law makes them ineligible to become an armed security guard.

Armed Security Guard: A Strong Deterrent Against Threats

Usually having armed security guards at any event will deter acts of violence at your home, business, or venue. When the threat level dictates, it might be worth a little more money to keep employees, staff, and customers safe.

Likewise, an armed presence will make everyone feel more secure, and isn’t the piece of mind worth it? Contented employees produce better than workers who feel they must watch over their shoulder. An armed security guard could increase productivity, and that would certainly be worth paying a little more.

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3 Signs Your Security Guard Is Doing Their Job

When it comes to determining how effective your security guard force is, some indicators are better than others. Three signals they are doing their job are personal observation, employee satisfaction, and a reduction of missing inventory.

Indicator #1 Your Security Guard Is Doing Their Job – Observation 

Although you cannot watch your security guards all the time, occasional spot checks of them on the job and security video footage should tell you if your security guard team is doing the required checks. Coming in early or staying late a few times a week could give you valuable insight into their performance when they think no one is watching.

Also, request that the team uses a phone app with notifications, reports, and a GPS tracking system so that supervisors know if they are making their prescribed checks.

Indicator #2 – Employee Satisfaction

When employees feel secure in the workplace, it shows in job performance and productivity. So, if production is up and so are employee smiles, chances are your security guard team is on track.

Indicator #3 – A Substantial Reduction of Missing Inventory

A minor reduction in lost inventory could mean that an employee who was taking inventory home no longer works for you. However, a significant reduction usually means your security is on point and effective.

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Choosing the Right Type of Security Guard for Your Business

Choosing the right type of security guard for your business can be a challenge. Because of the prevalence of many types of sophisticated intruders, it is imperative you know what type of guard you are hiring to protect your business. You need to ensure you are not hiring a fox to watch our chickens, so to speak.

An Almost Foolproof Method to Choose a Security Guard

Hire a local firm, not a person. Why? Because a security firm takes all the guesswork out of choosing the right security guard. A local security firm takes care of all the want ads, interviews, background checks, drug testing, training, equipping, hiring and posting. All you have to do is tell them how many security guards you need.

Once you decide the number of security personnel you need and what you primarily need them for, you can leave the rest to a local security firm, such as Western Eagle Security in the Houston, TX, area.

They hire former military and law enforcement people to make the choice that much easier. Most of these men and women already have much of the requisite training, security clearances and experience. Hiring them can cost you much less than if you took on that overhead yourself. Not only that, they’re usually a good match.

Western Eagle Security – Your One-Stop Shop for a Security Guard

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Houston Security Guards: Here to Secure Your Nightlife

Nightlife often includes large crowds of people, concerts, nightclubs, sporting events and other entertainment venues that draw big groups. Event coordinators need to hire Houston security guards to maintain order, because many of these eventgoers are looking for an easy target to take advantage of or rob. A good rule of thumb for those event coordinators is one security guard for every 100 people expected.

Although Houston security guards are highly trained and reliable, they cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, you need to have a plan to protect the members of your group and yourself.

Highly Trained & Reliable Houston Security Guards

When you hire Western Eagle to provide Houston security guards for your event, you know you will get highly trained, licensed, insured, equipped, yet very affordable guards to ensure order. Even though there are always those looking for trouble, our guards have been trained to keep the peace. Usually, just the sight of uniformed security guards will keep a crowd from becoming unruly.

An event with a large crowd can get out of control quickly, that is why it is essential to hire well-trained Houston security guards to keep things from getting out of hand. Nonetheless, everyone should know how to protect themselves.

Ways to Protect Yourself When Houston Security Guards Are Too Busy to Assist

When a large group of event-goers is headed in one direction, it is a good idea to hang back. Often, when trouble starts, it is those who go to see what’s going on that wind up getting hurt. If it’s closing time or the event is over, why push and shove to get out?

The best idea is to leave a little before the event concludes. If you find yourself there when everyone is heading for the exit, hang back. Just relax a little and wait for the crowd to thin out. The last thing you want is to get knocked down and trampled.

Always decide on a place to meet up with the group if you get separated. A well-lit spot that is easily recognizable is best. Use the buddy system throughout the night. This advice goes for gals and guys.

Everyone knows it’s customary for the ladies to go to the restroom together. Guys are too macho for that, but after you’ve had a few drinks and stagger off to the restroom, you are an easy target for troublemakers and thieves. Do not let down your guard and don’t go alone.

Western Eagle Security – Houston Security Guards for Your Nightlife Event

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Armed Security Guards at Places of Worship Is Not a New Idea

The October 2018 attacks on the synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, the murder of nine Bible study participants in 2015 and others have left clergy and parishioners wondering about their safety even in a house of divine worship. The idea of armed security guards in churches, mosques, temples and other places of worship, raised by the POTUS, is not a new idea by any means.

Clergy and their flocks remain as divided on the issue of guns in church as they are on many other hot social issues. Some Christians would argue they should live like Jesus, who was a non-violent man. He was quoted as saying in the Gospel of Matthew (NIV) 26:52, “Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” This incident occurred even as Jesus was betrayed and knew he would be executed.

Another might quote Psalms 144:1, “Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.” Or the Gospel of Luke 22:36-38, when Jesus said, “If you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” For what is a clergy if not a shepherd, and what is a shepherd but one who protects his flock?

Places of Worship Considered Soft Targets Without Armed Security Guards

Admittedly, there are some clergy as well as parishioners who are against the very notion of guns in a place of worship. This holds even though some have thousands in attendance at worship and thousands of dollars in tithes or offerings. It must be a leadership decision to allow armed security guards.

However, even in churches, temples, mosques and synagogues, people need to feel comfortable enough to bow their heads and pray without having to keep one eye open. If they can’t feel comfortable, they are likely to stop attending.

If it is decided armed security guards are not allowed in the place of worship, perhaps better is in the parking lots and outside the doors, where armed intruders can be deterred before entering. Whether in the house of worship or on the grounds, just because these armed security guards are hired by a religious entity does not mean they do not have to meet Texas state laws and weapons training requirements.

Some congregations have hired former law enforcement (LE) and military to take on the responsibility. Many would caution against this. Although LE and military are trained in weapons handling, reacting to a threat and the use of deadly force, there are separate training requirements for armed security guards, including the proper response. When you hire armed security guards, you must consider all legal requirements, because, ultimately, their actions are your responsibility.

Hire Professionally Trained & Ready Armed Security Guards

There are three requirements not all former LE and military will have:

  • Current and ongoing weapons handling training
  • Thorough background checks and drug testing
  • Appropriate response and first aid training

Everyone loves the troops and first responders, but many come with baggage. Let the professionals weed out the unsuitable. No place of worship wants a loose cannon with drug or PTSD issues directing a response to an intrusion.

Many situations, even with armed intruders, can be resolved through dialogue. In any situation, it is good to know professionals trained with the appropriate response are available when dialogue fails, even in a house of worship.

Western Eagle Security – The Professional Provider of Armed Security Guards

Western Eagle Security provides uniformed and equipped, unarmed as well as armed security guards, depending on your requirements. We do the difficult things, like background checks and drug testing, and providing training, uniforms and equipment to our guards. We make sure they are where you need them to be when you need them there. We can also upgrade your security system with CCTV and monitor those systems for you 24/7.

Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800, to schedule an appointment for a security appraisal. After we complete the free appraisal, we can sit down and go over our suggestions regarding your requirements. Email, or you can use our online contact form.

Need to Reduce Inventory Shrinkage? Hire a Security Guard

Do you need to reduce inventory shrinkage? The statistics on employee theft are staggering. As astonishing as it may seem, you may need to protect your inventory from the very people you hired to manage it. You might need to hire a security guard for round-the-clock surveillance.

A Security Guard Can Reduce Employee Theft

Have you recently completed an inventory check only to discover missing supplies, products, and merchandise? This inventory loss could be due to employee pilferage and could be very damaging to your bottom line. What’s more, you will need to repurchase inventory that was already on your shelves.

Missing inventory and supplies can be particularly damaging during peak seasons. If your employees look for certain supplies and cannot find them, their work might get interrupted. Likewise, you might lose business when merchandise is out of stock if customers feel they must go elsewhere to buy what they have purchased from you in the past.

You paid a lot for that point of sale (POS) cash register that helps control inventory with alerts to notify you of stock that’s been sold. Unfortunately, a POS cash register does not manage employee pilferage.

Employee theft rates are very high. According to an article from Brandon Gaille Small Business Marketing & Advice, “27 Jaw Dropping Employee Theft Statistics” dated May 25, 2017, “The Chamber of Commerce estimates 75% of employees steal from the workplace. Most of which do so repeatedly.”

Additionally, CBS News claims the average organization might lose 5-7 percent of its annual revenue from various types of employee fraud or thievery. What they can’t measure is the amount you lose from clients who go elsewhere (and who might never come back) because you did not have what they needed. Your best protection could be a security guard.

Hire a Professional Security Guard

Some offices, stores and warehouses are accessible at all hours of the day. Usually, management will only be on-site during daytime hours. Most employee theft takes place after the owner or management has left for the day.

With a security guard, you can secure your inventory 24/7/365. The mere presence of a professional security guard will scare away pilfering fingers. A security guard can make regular and random patrols to survey your store and inventory storage areas.

They can concentrate on specific areas, per your instructions. A security guard will not only protect your business from intruders but can help reduce incidences of employee theft.

Western Eagle Security – Security Guards You Can Trust in Houston

As a business owner, you want to maintain tight inventory control, and you need to have the items on your shelves your customers require. We at Western Eagle Security can provide you with professionally trained and equipped security guards. Our security personnel provide you with the eyes and ears you need in your business. We can give you peace of mind.

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