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Advantages of a Security Alarm System in Houston

There are many advantages of a security alarm system for your home, condo or apartment in Houston, Texas. Although the main purpose of having an alarm system is to protect loved ones and safeguard valuables, they also contribute to a safer community, and provide homeowners and renters insurance discounts. They can even include smartphone notifications.

Protect the Family

Of course, the number one advantage of any alarm system is family. An alarm helps safeguard your family from burglars and intruders. Just the sound of the alarm will send most intruders running, but the notifications to law enforcement and to your smartphone are marvelous. Although you never want to receive notification at work that something is wrong at home, having the benefit of instantaneous notification to law enforcement can allow you to breathe easier.

Deter Crime

The second advantage is the protection of the valuables in your home. Everyone should consider having a home security alarm system installed in their home, apartment or condo in the Houston area. These systems not only make homes safer, but they contribute to a safer community overall. The additional surveillance helps keep the lawless elements out of the neighborhood.

Smaller Homeowners Insurance Premiums

According to a report by the Criminal Justice Division of Rutgers University, the top ten insurance companies offering homeowners insurance provide a 20 percent discount to policyholders who have a security alarm system installed. An additional 10 percent discount could be available when smoke detectors and burglar alarms are tied into a central monitoring station.

Fire Protection

Fires happen at a 10 times higher rate than burglaries. They can happen not only in single dwelling homes, but in condos and apartments as well. Fires are more likely in an apartment or condo than a single-family home, because there are more residents to contribute to the risk. Therefore, even apartment dwellers can benefit from a discount on their renters insurance and the overall peace of mind a security alarm system provides. That benefit just might be an early warning that gets sleeping residents out before smoke inhalation injuries occur.

Smartphone Notifications

Optional gas, fire, and carbon monoxide (CO2) problem notifications can be delivered through your smartphone app. The added peace of mind of knowing your children are safer with the babysitter due to these optional notification features is phenomenal. You will even be able to reset your security alarm system remotely when you’re not at home in Houston.

Western Eagle Security – The Top Choice for a Security Alarm System in Houston

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Door Alarms: The First Step

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Many homeowners already have door alarms set up. These alarms are just as they sound; whenever a door is opened, an alarm will go off, alerting everyone to the fact that a door has been opened. Obviously it can be turned off with a code, and of course there are times when it would be silly to have it set. That being said, a door alarm is the first step to complete homeowner protection.

There are a few different types of door alarms. The most prevalent systems are usually ones that have been mounted somewhere, close to the monitored door, and come with their own code pad. These can be set easily for when you go on vacation, and when you come back, all you have to do is enter the code. If you want to take security with you on the go, then consider looking into a portable door alarm. These don’t need to be mounted anywhere — they can be hung from a doorknob instead. There’s also a type of alarm nicknamed the door stop alarm, because it’s shaped like a typical door stop and you place it underneath. When it feels pressure, the alarm is triggered. Although different companies may have different alarm sounds, typically speaking, the alarm is loud enough to be heard throughout the house and possibly outside as well.

So you have your door alarm, and maybe it’s been set off. Hopefully, the intruder realizes that they’ve been caught, and backs down or runs away from the scene. That’s all a door alarm does — make noise. Although it’s a good concept, it’s important to note that. Instead of relying solely on the door alarm, consider looking into a full security package; i.e. an alarm monitoring system. If the alarm goes off, your security company will immediately call you and/or bring police to the location. Can things like this sometimes be a false alarm? Yes, but it’s always better to be safe when it comes to home security.