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4 Events Where Private Security Is a Huge Benefit

Private security can pay handsome dividends for companies and corporations sponsoring special events, especially when possible threats have been identified. It only makes sense to have extra well-trained security at collegiate sporting events, concerts, politically-charged fundraisers and events where protests are likely to require manned entrance and exit doors, restricted access checks, crowd control and possibly a show of force to maintain order.

In Texas, even security with batons must receive specialized weapons training and use-of-force strategies before they can be armed.

1.Private Security for Events Where Protests Are Likely

Even small events can draw large crowds of protesters quickly. When a company hires a few extras to bolster their night watchman or regular security team, they can be overrun very quickly and have no choice but to call in law enforcement,which might not be able to respond before property damage and injuries occur. Using private security to support your security staff can be an inexpensive alternative to hiring temporary, untrained fill-ins.

2.Collegiate and Other Sports Events

Collegiate sports events, even at small schools, can draw tens of thousands of spectators. It might be necessary to hireprivate security for crowd control and as support and backup for ticket takers, ushers, gate staff and uniformed guards. The presence of uniformed guardsis often all that is required to maintain order. However, when the crowd becomes unruly, having trained private security present could prevent trouble when possible or contact law enforcement when necessary.

USA Todayreports”stadiums and entertainment venues across the nation routinely rely on low-paid, part-time guards with spotty training and even criminal convictions” to help man security for sports events and concerts.


Since the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, concert planners have been forced to take a closer look at security. Even theaters and small clubs hosting popular DJs and live bands are now hiring private security to analyze the risks.

Many venues have moved away from having an event coordinator who is solely responsiblefor security. Aprivate security company can assess possible threats and plan emergency strategies, including exit procedures. Too often, concert and entertainment organizers only look at keeping non-paying participants out rather than looking at ways to get everyone out safely,in an emergency.

4.Controversial Fundraisers

Fundraisers for controversial agencies, and who knows what is liable to be controversial, can get many in the community into an uproar. What’s wholesome and good one day can be a contested or disputed issue the next. It would be advisable to speak with a private security consultant to gauge the threat and provide suggestions about security.

Western Eagle Security –ProvidingPrivate Security for Events in Houston

Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800, for a complete analysis of the security needs of your special event. Use our handy contact form .Identifying the vulnerabilities and potential threats is our business. Let us make your event safer and more enjoyable for all attendees.


Hiring Private Security for Private Events

Two Reasons to Hire Private Security

The inherent dangers involved in hosting a private event and the expense of recruiting, hiring, training, equipping and maintaining a guard force makes it necessary to hire private securityfor your event. Whether you have a last-minute business conference at a local Houston hotel or conference center or a well-planned wedding party scheduled, you should have security for the event. Western Eagle Security can send professionally trained and equipped personnel to your event for a fraction of the cost.

Why PrivateSecurity at Private Events

When you host a private event, you do not want to come up short on food and drinks because of “party crashers.” Perhaps in large part due to movies such as Wedding Crashers and Wedding Crashers 2many prescribe to the mentality, “No invite? No problem!” However, it is up to your event planners to make not having an invitation a problem. Placing private securityat the entrance can save you from the embarrassment of not having enough food and beverages for your invited guests. In addition, they can discreetly remove anyone who has consumed too much alcohol, or otherwise worn out their welcome.

Today, when you host a charity event or political fundraiser, you are very likely to have protesters with an opposing viewpoint picket, or in other ways attempt to disrupt, your event. Security in front of the event venue can make everyone invited to your event feel a little more comfortable. Uniformed guards provide a calming effect for your guests.

When you have an event planned for the Texas Training and Conference Centers, either of the Norris Conference Centers, or another venue, call Western Eagle Security for a free appraisal of your private security needs.

Why Private Security Is Less Expensive

Even when you have a standing guard force for your corporation or business, generally they will still need to provide the same protections they do on a day-to-day basis. Hiring, training, and equipping additional personnel for a one-time affair can be time-consuming and expensive. We have the temporary help you need already trained, licensed and equipped, so you can hire our security personnel much more cheaply.

Western Eagle Security –Your Private SecurityProfessionals

Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800,duringthe planning process. We will send our event appraisers to the location of your conference or celebration and give you an assessment of your needs. You can utilize our website contact form orsend an email:,

3 Times When a Private Security Guard Is a Good Idea

A private security guard is more than just a show of force for deterrence at the door or after-hours surveillance. They can provide a sense of stability in the workplace while keeping an eye on an employee that may be going through a rough period, but is otherwise a valued employee. They can also monitor employees that may be suspected of pilferage, misappropriation, or embezzlement, but without proof. And finally, a private security guard or team may be needed when you have a planned event with a high profile guest or when trade secrets need to be protected and visitors must be screened. Hiring part-time or temporary private security will likely be more cost effective than hiring someone permanent, as this would require training, uniforms, equipment and other expenses.

#1 – When You Have an Employee that May Be Unstable

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year.” So, when a supervisor reports an otherwise stellar employee has a violent episode after a situation at home or another personality issue, hiring a private security guard to stabilize the situation temporarily may be the answer. Violent episodes in the workplace can become problematic and it might take law enforcement 15 minutes or more to arrive.

#2 – When You Have Unexplained Shortages

As much as we want to believe our employees are honest, pilfering and embezzlement happen in nearly every workplace. In most cases, it is just small items taken for use at home, such as staplers, paperclips, pens, or other items that would be insignificant if only taken by one person. However, workplace pilferage and embezzlement can cost many small businesses more than what it would cost to hire another employee. When sudden large-scale shortages occur, it might be wise to hire a private security guard to investigate and watch for unusual behavior.

#3 – When You Have a Planned Event Where Private Security Is Needed

When the event is getting close and you are expecting high profile guests, or there is a need for tighter security than normal, it may be necessary to hire temporary and/or part-time private security for a week or two before the event, until shortly after it is over. There may be a requirement for tighter screening of visitors or it might be invited guests only, which will require screening. Although you may be able to use some internal assets, it is probably wise to have a professional appraisal completed before you decide.

Western Eagle Security – Your Private Security Professionals

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When Protection is Personal

Houston Security Guard Service

When you’re looking for personal security, what do you want? Other than a trained security team! You want a company that values you. You want a team that’s working for you, not for the check. You don’t want to be anonymous to them. Western Eagle Security takes personal security seriously — and personally.

When Protection Is Personal

Western Eagle Security started out as a Houston company, but that doesn’t mean our protection stops at Houston borders! No way. With our branch in Austin, we can cover a variety of cities, like Frisco or San Marcus. We’re not a generic security company, with ports all over the United States either. Those kind of companies don’t care; they don’t know where they work, and they don’t know how to do the best work where they are. No, as a Houston-based company, we understand and love the cities we work in.

We’re a local security company, and that makes all the difference. When you come to us, what you’re getting is a team dedicated to you, the client. We’ll treat you like you’re the only client we have at that moment — every member of our team will. Getting to know our client and understanding their reasons for personal security is paramount to our success. Whether you need one team for a small work event, or you need full-time security walking around your property, your importance to us will be the same.
We know that this is good for business, but it goes beyond that. This is good for people. The security business relies on trust — on our client trusting us when we say that we’ve got the best security for the job. When a client trusts us, they’ll ask us back and back again to provide security, because they understand we’ll do everything we can to ensure their safety. Sure, it’s good business — but because we’re a local security company, you know we care beyond that.
Choose personal, because when you need security, it’s the right choice.

Security Everywhere

Houston Security Company

Western Eagle can provide security for any kind of setting – you name it. Whether it’s apartment complexes, schools, or even convention centers, our teams are ready for any property. What you may not know about us is that we also provide personal security. That is, we can go as general as walking around the perimeter of your property or as specific as bodyguard work. You might think that this is an extreme, but in today’s world, you can never be too careful.

Say, for instance, that you have a stalker. Before, these kind of people usually had to put a lot of work into finding out where the object of their affections lived. They literally had to stalk people from place to place. Now, with the advent of the internet, it’s very easy to google someone and find right away where they live. Suddenly, they just got a lot scarier, didn’t they? Rest assured, it’s just as easy and quick to get a security team out to your property and instruct them on who they absolutely cannot let onto the property. With the advent of the internet, security threats have gone up, but so has security protection.

The above example may seem extreme, but it does happen.

Facebook and other social media companies have actually advised people not to say that they’re going on vacation for whatever period of time online. Why? It’s because so many people have public profiles, and thieves can run a process where they look for people who say that they’re going on vacation. They now know where all the empty houses are, and to ignore any lights that might still be on. A good way to protect yourself against that? Get a security team to monitor your house while you’re away on vacation! Sure, you have a burglar alarm, but who wants to wake up to a call from the alarm company saying that there’s an issue in your house? You’d rather wake up to a call from Western Eagle saying that everything is under control, right?

Suddenly, personal protection doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right? It is important that you know how to take the smaller security steps, like keeping your personal information off the Internet and making sure your house has adequate locks and alarm systems. When you need something bigger though, call Western Eagle Security and sit down with us.