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Private Security

How To Get Into Private Security? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Aug 15, 2021

On average, a private security officer earns twenty-seven thousand dollars in a year. If you want to know how to get into private security; the key is experience, while private security officers can find a job as long as they have a private security contractor license. Men and women who have previously worked in law […]

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Private Parties – Hire Security Services

Jul 15, 2020

Security guards are a necessity for having a good party. They monitor the venue while providing safety and security for guests and clients. Whether your party is at home, a public setting, or even a restaurant, there are countless risks and liabilities related to injuries, unforeseeable circumstances, and so many reasons to hire a security […]

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Personal Protection Officers in Houston Texas

Nov 30, 2019

Personal protection officers or (PPOs) provide security to people who need extra protection. They are also referred to as ‘Bodyguards’. If you live a high profile life or the nature of your work can be a threat to you, consider hiring personal protection officers. A PPO will help reduce the security risks from your life, […]

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4 Events Where Private Security Is a Huge Benefit

Jul 16, 2018

Private security can pay handsome dividends for companies and corporations sponsoring special events, especially when possible threats have been identified. It only makes sense to have extra well-trained security at collegiate sporting events, concerts, politically-charged fundraisers and events where protests are likely to require manned entrance and exit doors, restricted access checks, crowd control and […]

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Hiring Private Security for Private Events

Jan 24, 2018

Two Reasons to Hire Private Security The inherent dangers involved in hosting a private event and the expense of recruiting, hiring, training, equipping and maintaining a guard force makes it necessary to hire private security for your event. Whether you have a last-minute business conference at a local Houston hotel or conference center or a […]

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3 Times When a Private Security Guard Is a Good Idea

Nov 13, 2017

A private security guard is more than just a show of force for deterrence at the door or after-hours surveillance. They can provide a sense of stability in the workplace while keeping an eye on an employee that may be going through a rough period, but is otherwise a valued employee. They can also monitor […]

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