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Office Security: Keeping Employees Safe

Horrific workplace tragedies continue to make headlines across America. Never before has office security and keeping employees safe been a more significant concern for employers. Taking a proactive approach now will help employers maintain a safe environment for staff and make them better prepared should a crisis occur in the workplace.

Violence in the Workplace

The numbers are staggering. Violence in the workplace is more commonplace today than in previous years. Nearly 2 million employees in the USA have been victims of violence while at work.

According to a December 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)news release, since its 2010 report was released, the number of employees killed in workplace violence has continued to rise. In 2016, violence increased to 23 percent of all workplace injuries and deaths, ahead of even slips, trips and falls, which had previously been second. Office violence has quickly become the second most common cause of death in the workplace, making office security number one priority for many employers.

Office Security Measures

Workplace violence can come from an employee inside the organization or from someone outside who is not an employee. In some cases, an outsider or former employee may target a business with the intent to harm and kill. Employers are beginning to take a proactive approach to office security by providing and maintaining a safe work environment for their employees. Employers concerned with the safety of their employees are installing security cameras at every entrance, securing all areas with key-card access and have chosen to hire private security guards, armed or unarmed.

In addition to securing the facilities and the decision to hire private security guards, many businesses are implementing a crisis plan and conducting drills, should a threat occur. These drills provide preparedness not just for the risk of workplace violence but can also in case of natural disasters or other unforeseen events. An essential element of office security is the awareness of people and surroundings. If something or someone looks wrong, it probably is.

Office Security: Being Prepared Is Critical

Violence in the workplace continues to rise. However, placing uniformed guards at entrances makes employees feel safe. While many think it won’t happen where they work, the reality is that it can happen anywhere. Being prepared is crucial to ensuring the safety of all employees. Don’t wait until after tragedy strikes to invest in the safety of your team. Visit Western Eagle Security for a free analysis of your office security needs or to hire private security guards.

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Office security is key to providing a safe workplace. Distraction-free employees are happier and more productive. Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800, or visit our website to use the contact form to schedule an appointment for a FREE office security appraisal.

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How Industry Security Makes Your Business Look Good

No matter what industry category your business falls into, industry security can make your business look professional. Likewise, we should continuously look at our security to ensure it meets our needs and will continue to meet those needs. Whether your business is a retail store with a warehouse, a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), or an office building with staff and employees, industry security is a must to maintain inventory and ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Industry SecurityRequirements

Does the security team you currently employ meet your needs? Are they able to provide more guards when needed? Can they provide armed guards for special eventswith high-profile guest speakers? Can they provide trained, uniformed, and equipped roving guards to secure your perimeter and deter vandals and intruders? Finding out too late to react that the answer to some or all these requirements is no, will not only make your business look bad, but could pose a serious security risk.

Theft, vandalism, and intrusions lead to lost inventory, costly repairs, and apprehensive employees. Doing everything possible to negate these risks will make your company stronger, more profitable, and create an atmosphere that is desirable for staff members.

When your security company cannot provide personnel who meet the state requirements for armed guards, you will look unprepared and unprofessional. Assessing the strengths of the security firm you employ can help you avoid last minute deficiencies.

Additionally, you should have a professional team do a periodic security analysis of your business. Industry security standards necessitate secured perimeters within an HOA, outdoor storage area, or warehouse. Controlled access to office areas will make your employees more comfortable and allow them to perform at peak levels. Security lighting,monitored CCTV, and roving guards in dark areas like parking garages provide a higher level of security, give your employees peace of mind, and make your business or HOA look more competent.

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Why Employees Love Office Security

Problems in the Workplace?

Many workplaces seem tranquil and secure. Is that because the people that work there are happy with their work environment? Not necessarily, but to be sure, they enjoy the office security afforded to them. All workplaces have problems, but the ones most comfortable to work in, where employees prosper and produce, share a feeling of security.
Whereas some different areas are havens for vandalism, drugs, robberies, and thefts, a secure workplace has none of that. Gated communities, strip malls, and big retail establishments have generally been tormented with these wrongdoings. Many of these areas were forced to provide roving patrols, both on-foot and in vehicles, gate guards, and CCTV. Be that as it may, office buildings and independent companies appear to focus their security on break-ins, often ignoring the security of their employees, the very ones who butter their bread if you will. What is the focus of your office security?

Your employees make sure your company runs smooth and products and services are delivered on time and within specifications. Yet, smaller office buildings and small businesses that do not provide security may be more at risk of intrusions or interruptions in the workplace because they are not visibly secure. A guard at the entrance, whether armed or not, provides a deterrence, as does CCTV and adequate lighting in the parking garage. Whatever system you choose to make your employees comfortable in their surroundings will pay big dividends in production. Office security has proven to be an issue that should not be overlooked.

Two Fundamentals of Office Security

There are essentially two approaches to office security, one is technology. Alarms and cameras are a couple of essential ways to secure a building. The other primary means of providing security is the old fashioned but proven method of having a physical presence. This often includes security guards at primary entrances to the premises. Inside those two thoughts, there are various approaches to finish the coveted security. The choice will rely on the sort of building, size, and spending plan of the business, and whether employee safety is a highly regarded necessity.

Office Security for Any Small Business

Having on-site security guards for most small businesses is cost prohibitive, so many will depend largely on CCTV and alarm systems. An alarm system that is monitored 24/7 will alert you if it is set off and the police will be notified automatically, but can be very expensive unless it is part of a shared monitoring system at a central location. An alarm system that is unmonitored will still set off an alert when activated, and it will draw attention to an assailant or intruder. A remote alarm system can be easily acquired and is very easy to install or you can have the professionals at Western Eagle handle all your office security needs at a reasonable price. Your employees will thank you with higher output and better results.

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Whether you decide to hire a security team to guard the building, put in a simple alarm system, or install a top-notch alarm system, you can secure the building, your employees, and valued equipment and supplies at a reasonable price. Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800 or use the convenient contact form for a FREE office security appraisal.

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Office Security: Why Employees Need to Feel Safe

In a typical office environment, full-time employees are spending the bulk of their days at work. The need to feel safe in a place where you spend a large amount of time is crucial to work performance. Office security is a major factor to aid in employees feeling safe. If employees feel safe, they will be more at ease at work, perform better and continue to be an asset in the workplace for years to come. A complete security package includes an authorized entry system, an automated security system, a parking lot security system and, most importantly, a physical security guard presence.

Plus, a security guard presence can protect workers from disgruntled former employees or employees that just snap for whatever reason. Once again, “a pound of prevention is worth a ton of cure,” so ensure you have some type of conflict resolution forum. If you feel hiring someone would cut too much into profits, there are some non-profit organizations you could enlist to perform this function.

Office Security: Authorized Entry

One of the ways businesses protect their employees is through an authorized entry system. This system only allows individuals with badges or bar codes to enter. However, this system alone falls short, as a criminal can gain access to a badge or code and still enter the building. Training on the proper safeguards for badges, key cards and codes should be implemented. For example, periodic warnings about people who appear to have their hands full so you unsuspectingly hold the door open for them. These illegal entry suspects are called “hitchhikers.”

Automated Systems

Automated office security systems function well to alert the authorities should an unauthorized individual enter the building. Within minutes the police will show up and, depending on the system, details like entry time and location will be recorded. Ensure all entry and exit points are well lit and secure. Again, this option works well when an intruder seeks to gain access to the building; however,the intruder can still enter without a physical deterrence.

The Car Park

A car park area can be designed to only allow certain individuals with passes into the parking lot. But, your employees will not feel safe in a dark car park. If you have ever had to walk through a dark car park, you know this to be true. Add bright lights and CCTVs to give your employees a better feeling of safety. Typically, a gate allows cars through. Again, this is a great way to deter criminals, but with a copy of the gate pass, an intruder will still be able to gain entry. A physical presence of security guards occasionally roaming the park will boost your employees’ feeling of safety.

The Complete Security Package

A complete office security package includes the most important factor: the visible presence of security guards. Criminals can gain access past technology; however, the physical presence of a security guard is a deterrent, unlike technology. Guards come to know the employees and the employees trust the guards. Employees will feel a complete sense of safety knowing they are spending the majority of their day in a safe work environment.

When you need answers to your office security needs, call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496 6800 or visit our website. Additionally, you could send an email: or fill out the convenient contact form and set-up a confidential consultation to determine your office security needs.

Security for Everywhere

Houston Security Company

Many people tend to assume security guards are only for the big events, like concerts or conventions. That’s false, because our security guards are trained for any kind of situation. While we’ve talked about personal security before, there are other areas that could benefit from having security present.

One of them is the office! If you work in finance, or with any kind of sensitive materials in general, it tends to put people at ease if they know there’s a visible security presence around. These security guards don’t have to sit in your office or anything either; they can take up residence in the main lobby and make sure nobody dangerous comes in. In this situation, they are quite literally the first line of defense.

Factory security guards operate under the same idea. Since a lot of factories are spread out, and therefore would make constant patrolling difficult, the most optimal security is usually done with camera work. It’s still a lot of monitoring, and decisions usually have to be made on the fly. Security guards would also keep an eye on the workers, and go over the appropriate safety measures in case of a threat.

It’s a sad reality, but many public schools these days do need security guards. Security guards working in schools do everything from making sure students are wearing ID badges to monitoring lunchtimes in the cafeteria to breaking up fights between students when they happen. This particular security job means being on alert the entire school day, including periods when there aren’t any students in the building. It can be somewhat intense, because there aren’t times when they can slip away to look at a camera, unlike the other two mentioned.

In any case, while concerts and conventions will likely always retain the highest need for security guards, it’s definitely possible to hire a security guard for any other kind of situation you find yourself in.

Security Everywhere

Houston Security Company

Western Eagle can provide security for any kind of setting – you name it. Whether it’s apartment complexes, schools, or even convention centers, our teams are ready for any property. What you may not know about us is that we also provide personal security. That is, we can go as general as walking around the perimeter of your property or as specific as bodyguard work. You might think that this is an extreme, but in today’s world, you can never be too careful.

Say, for instance, that you have a stalker. Before, these kind of people usually had to put a lot of work into finding out where the object of their affections lived. They literally had to stalk people from place to place. Now, with the advent of the internet, it’s very easy to google someone and find right away where they live. Suddenly, they just got a lot scarier, didn’t they? Rest assured, it’s just as easy and quick to get a security team out to your property and instruct them on who they absolutely cannot let onto the property. With the advent of the internet, security threats have gone up, but so has security protection.

The above example may seem extreme, but it does happen.

Facebook and other social media companies have actually advised people not to say that they’re going on vacation for whatever period of time online. Why? It’s because so many people have public profiles, and thieves can run a process where they look for people who say that they’re going on vacation. They now know where all the empty houses are, and to ignore any lights that might still be on. A good way to protect yourself against that? Get a security team to monitor your house while you’re away on vacation! Sure, you have a burglar alarm, but who wants to wake up to a call from the alarm company saying that there’s an issue in your house? You’d rather wake up to a call from Western Eagle saying that everything is under control, right?

Suddenly, personal protection doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right? It is important that you know how to take the smaller security steps, like keeping your personal information off the Internet and making sure your house has adequate locks and alarm systems. When you need something bigger though, call Western Eagle Security and sit down with us.