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Tips from a Professional on How to Make Your Home More Secure

According to the US Department of Justice, property crime is perpetrated every 4 seconds in the United States, a burglary occurs every 20 seconds, and a robbery, every 90 seconds. As a result, it has become important to take extra steps to secure ones’ homes and property. To this effect, we discussed with some security professionals; here are some tips they gave us:

  1. Install a functional security system

  2. In a bid to cut costs while maintaining the semblance of security, some homeowners install dud security cameras. Their belief is that the presence of the cameras is enough to deter intruders. Not smart. Some burglars can differentiate functional cameras from duds.

  3. Get a burglar alarm

  4. Burglar alarms are connected to security systems, and when suspicious activity is noticed, the alarm lets out a loud noise. This is often enough to dissuade the intruder and alert the people around to the impending danger.

  5. Restrict access to your property

  6. The less access that strangers have to your property, the better. Before burglars and robbers attack a house, they first surveil it to know the optimal entry points. If they can’t even access your home, they won’t return.

  7. Teach your family members to be security conscious

  8. What is the point of security systems and burglar alarms if your child leaves the gate and the front door open? Teach all occupants of your home to be security conscious.

  9. Hire a security service

  10. If you have valuables in your home, hiring armed security guards may be the smart way to go. The promise of a big “score” may make potential criminals come up with ways to beat your security system. When this happens, your armed guards may be your last resort.

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Apartment Security: Everyone Should Feel Safe in Their Home

Have you ever wondered about apartment security in your building? Maybe you have an apartment complex, and with the rise in crime everywhere have started wondering if you should provide more security for your tenants.

Truth be known, apartment complex owners face significant risk from lawsuits and liability claims if things go wrong. Most lawsuits have to do with tenant and visitor injuries sustained in common areas like stairwells from slips, trips and falls. However, more and more complex owners are adding apartment security to protect their tenants and building, but also to lower the cost of commercial insurance coverage.

Apartment Security in an Apartment Complex

Many people consider they are safer living in an apartment than in a house in the suburbs primarily because you have neighbors in the same building who can keep an eye on your stuff. However, have you ever considered it might not be that safe having a lot of people living in the same building keeping an eye on your stuff?

Every one of your neighbors knows your schedule and your habits. They probably know what time you go to work and come home as well as you do, maybe better if they are keeping track of your comings and goings as part of a planned housebreak.

Everyone should feel safe in their home no matter the location. Roving guards in the hallways or entrance points, CCTV in parking areas and communal areas and monitored surveillance systems are all safeguards that can be deployed to increase apartment security in your building.

Western Eagle Security – The Apartment Security Professionals

When you’re considering how to ramp up apartment security in your apartment complex, look no further than Western Eagle Security right here in Houston. We will do a free appraisal and give you a detailed analysis of what we see as your apartment building’s weaknesses. How much or how little you decide to employ is up to you.

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Increase Your Home Value with HOA Security

Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) that wish to increase the value of the homes within their community should invest in HOA security. A community with uniformed security is more appealing to many new home buyers and investors than those without guards. Plus, both new home buyers and investors will save on homeowner’s insurance.

Home Buyers Look for HOA Security

Many of those in the market for a new home are coming from the inner-city or other high crime areas.The reason they moved to the city originally was to get a better paying job, but now the allure of a higher income has been surpassed by concerns for their family’s safety. Buyers are more willing to pay a higher price for a secure home for their family. A home in a secure community with HOA security offers better protection for its residents. Therefore, the homes within the community are more valuable than similar homes in a neighborhood without security patrols and monitored video surveillance.

Investors Like the Idea of HOA Security

Investors who are looking to buy and rent a home within your community like the idea of a safer investment. Of course, there’s no such thing as a crime-free community; but a community patrolled by roving patrols is much safer than those without surveillance.

Should their property set vacant for a few days or even weeks, the investor will feel better about the risk of vandals or squatters with security onduty. An unprotected vacant home is a magnet for squatters and drug dealers to use as a meeting place out of sight. HOA security will call local law enforcement about any questionable activity.

Discounts on Homeowner’s Insurance

Homes without monitored security are 300 percent more likely to be burglarized or vandalized than those with security. Insurance companies know this and are willing to give homeowners a 20 percent discount on their policy. Therefore, the entire community will have significantly higher property values and lower insurance premiums.

Western Eagle Security –Your HOA SecurityExperts in the Houston Area

Call Western Eagle Security at (281) 496-6800 when you are concerned about safety and home values in your HOA community. We can provide gate guards, roving patrols, or personnel to monitor your security footage. CCTV is only as good as the people observing it, except as a forensic device for law enforcement after a crime. Use ourshortcontact formto schedule a freeHOA security appraisal.Or, send us an email: with your questions.

Home Surveillance Helps Solve Crime

Unlike police and other law enforcement officers (LEOs), home surveillance cameras coupled with a solid business or Homeowner’s Association (HOA) security patrol watch can provide surveillance 24 hours a day for minimal cost and inconvenience. Although many believe surveillance cameras do little to prevent crime, that is a myth, just like “locks only keep honest people honest.” The truth is, an intruder who is unaware of a home surveillance system will not be deterred from burglarizing a home. That is why it is important to publicize your system with a sign on the front lawn and stickers on the front door. These are things that will help keep intruders out.

Just as in the old cliché, “the path of least resistance,” criminal elements will move on to another less protected home. Therefore, a community where many or all homes have surveillance cameras will be safer. When crimes do occur, surveillance tapes will help LEOs solve the crime. Tapes of the incident may be enough, but knowledgeable security and LEOs know burglars and robbers often observe their target for several days, sometimes even weeks before making their move, so the tapes from days before the incident could be more important than the day of, since the intruders will be more careful during the break-in or robbery.

Home Surveillance Is not an Invasion of Privacy

Some believe the increased use of CCTV as part of a business or home surveillance system is an invasion of privacy. That’s just not true. Certainly, users have a responsibility to ensure cameras are pointed into their own yards and onto the perimeter of their property, not into neighbor’s windows and yards, as much as possible. If someone is using a camera to “peep” into a neighbor’s windows that is a crime. The homeowners and HOA also have a responsibility to their family and guests to protect them as much as possible from intruders who would do them harm.

Business, HOA, and Home Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras at businesses have helped solve hundreds of thousands of crimes and, on a smaller scale, so, too, do home surveillance cameras. Likewise, the presence of live video footage of a criminal helps convince most to plead guilty and save the government the expense of trials.

When LEOs have footage of a robbery, home invasion, or burglary-in-progress, they have an eye witness to the crime. Video footage can be enhanced, and a workable picture of the criminals can be put out to LEOs for apprehension. Even when the video is not clear enough to positively identify a suspect for a court trial, just the possession of that footage is often enough to get a confession from these criminals, even when there are no corroborating witnesses available to testify.

Western Eagle Security – Your Place for HOA & Home Surveillance Solutions

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4 Benefits of Having an HOA Security Guard

Homeowners Association HOA Security Guards

HOA security is not mandatory and some communities are content to allow local law enforcement to provide their security needs. That’s fine in areas where the tax base is large enough to support a police force large enough to provide security and traffic management,including for your HOA. However, with the rising crime rate, particularly vehicle and home break-ins, in most cases, a security guard presence is necessary and beneficial even when it is not mandatory.

Benefit #1 – Security

The addition of gate guards, vehicle roving guards, and on-foot patrols makes HOA security a benefit to all residents. Depending on the size of the community there are various requirements. Some communities are sufficiently secure with just a gate guard to keep out unwanted intruders, while larger communities need full-time foot patrols to ensure traffic safety and limited parking is shared properly.

Benefit #2 –Traffic&Parking Enforcement

Where there are a limited number of parking spaces and children constantly at play, the presence of a guard to enforce HOA traffic and parking rules is essential. Many communities have homeowners who always use two parking spaces or more and park diagonally because they believe their vehicle is more valuable than another tenant’s vehicle. There are those who always have guests or in-laws staying over and use more than the allowed parking spaces, while other residents must walk home from an inconvenient space. These people will persist in breaking the rules and disturbing the peace unless the rules are enforced. When homeowners must police the other tenants who cannot play by the rules, the community will not remain peaceful for long and you will start to see empty houses.

Benefit #3 –Savings

The combination of many factors makes having a 24-hour security presence in your HOA community a savings opportunity rather than just an additional cost the homeowners must bear. That 24-hour presence helps make homeowner policies less expensive and prevents vandalism, so there is a savings on clean-up. More secure communities enjoy higher fill rates than communities without an HOA security program.

Benefit #4 –Peace of Mind

Peace of mind can come in many forms. There is peace of mind knowing someone is always around when you’re not to watch your vehicle, home, and surroundings. HOA security provides an effective barrier between your family and intruders that always seem to show up in peaceful communities. Although it may or may not be the responsibility of an HOA security guard force to keep the peace and stop bullying in an HOA community, just knowing they are there will make many do the right thing which provides all the residents peace of mind.

Western Eagle Security – Best HOA Security Guard Solutions

We at Western Eagle Security can provide everything you need for a 24-hour HOA security guard force. Give us a call and let us provide you an assessment of what your community needs. According to the package of security services you choose, such as armed or unarmed guards, vehicle or on-foot patrols, CCTV, more lights, traffic and parking enforcement, and/or manned gates we can give your HOA community the security you need.

When you requirean initial, updated, or annual assessment of your HOA security needs, call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800. You can also visit the website to fill out a convenient contact form and set-up a community assessment. We will give you several packages to choose from and you can let us know which is best for your community.Or, send us an email:,

Apartment Security for Peace of Mind

You do not have to go without a state-of-the-art security system just because you live in an apartment. The latest high-tech alarm gear and technology make apartment security easy to obtain. Many new systems are installed using 3M detachable adhesive that does not leave a mark, so you do not risk losing your security deposit due to holes for mounting screws. Let’s look at some of the new technology available for apartment security and your peace of mind.

Wireless Systems for Apartment Security

No cables are needed to route back to a central alarm panel because wireless sensors are powered by long-lasting lithium batteries. Typically, sensors operate for years before needing battery replacement. When they do need replacement, the batteries are inexpensive standard power cells available at most department and hardware stores. Not needing to run cables is great for landlords who do not even want you to drive a nail to hang up a picture. Wireless systems do not even need a phone line as they connect to the monitoring agency using cellular radio networks.These systems allow remote access to your system over your home Wi-Fi for reliable electronic apartment security.


Surveillance cameras are available for indoor or outdoor use. Models are available with infrared LED emitters to give you a clear view of what the camera sees even if it is pitch dark. Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras are available as well. You can view live footage and control your PTZ cameras remotely using an app installed on your internet-enabled device. Many use an app on their smartphones to get alerts when a camera senses motion and to see what is happening within the camera’s view in real time. Cameras do require a nearby electrical outlet for power, but they do not require a cable to be routed to the central alarm panel.


All the features of a fully featured home security system are available for apartments, including smart home control devices such as electronic door locks and lighting controls. Modern wireless alarm systems also offer smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection contained in a single device. Typical sensors used in securing your apartment include window and door intrusion sensors and motion detectors, which are pet-friendly so there are no false alarms. All components communicate wirelessly with a central alarm control panel that is tied into a 24-hour monitoring service. However, there are models available without monitoring.

You have all the options in top-notch apartment security that the most expensive homes have been enjoying for years. And, these new systems are now available at prices no apartment dweller would want to pass up. Your apartment is your home, and you can secure it in the same way homeowners have been doing for years using wireless home security equipment for better peace of mind.

Western Eagle Security – Apartment Security Solutions

When you need an apartment security system that won’t compromise your lease, call Western Eagle Security at (281) 496 6800 or visit our website. In addition, you can send us an email at or complete the convenient contact form to set-up a free consultation to determine your apartment security needs.

Door-Eye View

Doorbell cameras, where cameras are installed near or over the front door, are getting pretty popular these days, but what’s the benefit? There are a few.

Visible cameras deter burglars, regardless of where they are around the house. They let people know they’re being recorded, and that there’s a home security system in place. When it comes to deliveries, they can be very helpful — considering that many deliverymen leave packages in plain view for anyone to come along and pick up. You’d be able to review the footage if anything happened, and recover the package.

You don’t have to guess who might be at the door, especially if you’re not expecting anyone or if you’re out of the house. Many doorbell cameras can be viewed via a phone, therefore if you were on vacation and got a package, you could then ask your neighbor to pick it up and store it for you. In addition, some doorbell cameras come with an intercom system, so if you’re at home and not expecting anyone, you can ask your visitor what they’re here for. This communication is also good at night.

And finally, as security techniques advance and houses increasingly become smarter, more and more people are looking to buy houses with security systems already built in. Installing cameras increases your property value, and makes the house more attractive to possible buyers. It never hurts to think about it, even if you’ve only just moved in.

Doorbell cameras are, overall, a great investment.

Check Your Locks

It’s the new year! When was the last time you checked your locks? If you’re like most people, your locks barely cross your mind except for when you accidentally lock yourself out. However, we should all think more about our door locks, because they’re the first bit of home security! Think about your keys — how many do you have, and where do you keep them? Do any of your doors have a “weird lock,” or do you have to get aggressive with the lock. If you’ve got a problem, it might be time to upgrade.

There are a few different styles of locks, but they can generally be broken down into three categories: knob locks, deadbolt locks, and electronic locks. Knob locks are the most common, and are your traditional lock that needs a key. However, they are the most susceptible to home intruders, as many can be easily picked with just a bit of patience. Deadbolt locks are added onto knob locks — the outside is a turnable knob, but the inside is a bolt that must be unlatched. These add extra security, but can be a fire hazard in apartment buildings. Finally, electronic knobs are just as they sound; punch in the code or approach with an authorized device and the door opens itself. Many people use their cell phone as a “key,” so when they come home, the lock recognizes their device and opens for them. While this type of lock could be considered the most secure, it does mean practicing phone security and making sure that the app could be disabled remotely if the phone was ever lost or damaged.

It depends on your living situation, as well. If you have a family with small children, a combination knob and deadbolt lock may work best. If you live alone or with roommates, an electronic lock might do the trick. But remember — you can’t make any of these decisions until you check your locks!

Home Safes

Home Safes

Do you need a home safe? Your answer might be no, because you don’t think you have anything particularly valuable, but you do. It doesn’t have to be gold bars or beautiful jewelry that you want to keep safe — keepsakes and important documents are just as important as money. However, when you have a safe, thieves will always assume the most valuable items are in there, so it’s important to get a good safe.

There are a few things to look for — one, it should be a fairly big safe, big enough to deter a thief hoping to make a quick getaway. It should be fire-proof, in case of emergency, and it should be able to be either bolted to the floor or manted on the wall. It should also have a good lock, though there are a few types of locks.

  1. Keypad locks: These safes are usually smaller, and have a keypad built into them. To unlock, simply punch the correct combination of numbers and you’re in. These are usually the types of safes that you see in action and heist movies, because they’re often thought to be uncrackable.
  2. Manual dial: Just like your locker from high school! These locks have no bearing on a safe’s size, and can be a little difficult to open if you don’t get everything exactly right. They’re considered a little old-fashioned, but still reasonably safe.
  3. Key locks: As it sounds — you’ll have a key to open the safe. This is probably the least secure, given that you’ll need to keep track of the key at all times, plus these locks can be opened with things other than the key. It’s the most traditional, but probably not the best.

Overall, even if you only have a few items or believe you have nothing of worth, it’s a good idea to have a safe in the home. In case of emergency, you can have paperwork and cash stored as well as keepsakes that might be sensitive to damage. If you’re worried that having a safe may make you a target, pick a secure location within your house to hide the safe and don’t broadcast the fact that you have one!

Home Security: Audio Recordings

Security Companies in Houston TX

If you’re considering installing home security cameras, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. While we covered what to keep in mind when it comes to filming, what about audio recordings that you take from filming? Again, the questions to keep in mind — where do you want to place it, and are you familiar with the laws surrounding audio recordings?

While you can film just about anywhere, the laws about audio recordings are trickier, and vary from state to state. However, federal law states that one person needs to be aware of the recording — and it can’t be you. The conversation you’re recording needs to have at least one person aware that it’s happening. This means that it’s illegal to record a conversation where nobody knows it’s happening. If you are part of the conversation, then yes, it’s okay to record the conversation — but it may not make the people you’re talking to very happy!

In Texas, the rule is “one-party consent,” which is the same as federal law. Some states have “dual consent,” which means that all parties in the conversation need to approve/understand that it’s being recorded. For example, if you’ve ever been on a customer service call, you may hear that your conversation is being recorded for training purposes. That’s the company making you aware that you’re being recorded — but if you don’t approve, you may as well hang up.

When it comes to using audio recordings, it’s best not to, as the law can be very tricky about usage. That isn’t to say you can’t store them, but as long as you don’t try to threaten or blackmail someone using the recordings, you’re good. Due to legality, most security cameras don’t have audio recording enabled.