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7 Common Security Threats at Music Festivals

Sep 30, 2022

Loud, vibrant, and energetic. That’s how you would commonly describe a music festival. With flaring lights, thumping bass, and endless rounds of drinks, the adrenaline rush never seems to end. However, as fun, as music festivals are, they can pose great security risks. Despite having plenty of security guards stationed throughout the event venue, it […]

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5 Reasons Why School Security is Now a Necessity

Sep 15, 2022

Due to the recent rise in school crime, school security has risen at an alarming rate. Putting proper security systems in place has now become the norm. This is why it is vital to maintain student and staff safety. Plus, crimes involving guns, school break-ins, systematic bullying, etc., are all sad realities we’re a part […]

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7 Tips to Follow to Prevent Shoplifting

Aug 30, 2022

Shoplifting can be an extremely tedious crime. Not as much for the person stealing, but rather for the business owners. Having your valuable merchandise stolen is far from ideal. If anything, it hampers your business and can soon become an obstacle that keeps you from flourishing. Nevertheless, to keep you and your store thriving, we’ve […]

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Here’s What a Museum Security Guard Does

Aug 15, 2022

Museums might seem like the last place for robberies to take place, but that is not the case. In fact, they are one of the top places to report petty thefts. In buildings that are small, short-staffed, or based in faraway locations, the lack of security can be a huge problem. Without proper security measures, […]

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Here Are 7 Types of Security Guards You Should Know About!

Jul 30, 2022

Why Should You Hire a Security Guard It’s no secret that you reach out to someone who can offer you protection when times get tough. In fact, that’s exactly what a security officer does. The main responsibility of a guard is to ensure their client’s safety above all else. They offer you protection and complete […]

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The Dangers of Online Shopping and Child Identity Theft

Jul 15, 2022

The Dangers of Online Shopping and Child Identity Theft Are you monitoring your child’s internet presence? If not, then you may be putting your child’s identity and future at risk. According to a research conducted in 2021 by Javelin, 1 in 50 children fall prey to identity theft schemes. Day by day, the dangers of […]

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