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Shoplifting is a common crime since many retail businesses face losses due to it. Having your goods stolen can cost you a lot. Thus, before a shoplifter strikes again, it is better to know what strategies they might use. This article will list the types of shoplifters and their strategies for stealing.

The six common strategies that the shoplifters use are:

  1. Take & Run: This type of shoplifter will grab a bunch of items, probably high-priced, and make a run for it. They usually have a ride waiting for them, and they run to sit in it to take off. This is one of the quickest, most unplanned shoplifting strategies. It takes minutes to carry out, and you have to be attentive to take immediate action to try and save your goods. Or you can hire a security guard for instant action in such circumstances.
  2. Take & Hide: Some shoplifters eye the object they want to steal, take it, and put it in a bag, pocket, sometimes in their clothes, etc. A security guard might help observe and stop such suspicious activity. Other than that, they might escape unless you have an alarm.
  3. Booster Bag: Shoplifters often use a booster bag, specifically designed to hide stolen items. These bags are usually made from the store’s shopping bag to not raise any suspicion. Moreover, this bag works as it is typically lined with a material that interrupts the communication between tags and their respective readers. The tags are usually magnetic, microwave, or RFID.
  4. Switching the Tags: Another common strategy shoplifters employ is switching tags or barcodes. They take an expensive item and switch its tag with a less expensive one. This is a subtle technique that might be hard to detect.
  5. Shoplifting Groups: Shoplifting can occur by a group of individuals who are working together, either to shoplift for themselves or a criminal organization. They can work together to steal more effectively and in an unobvious style.
  6. Sweetheartening: It is a form of employee theft in the retail industry. An employee at the cash register might aid someone close to them or a ‘sweetheart’. The cashier avoids scanning the items by quickly moving them, stacking items together, only scanning the bottom one, moving the items in the wrong position, etc. Since this strategy leaves little to no paper trail, it is a challenge to the retail business as the item does not get scanned.

What Should I Do?

If you own a retail business, you can:

  • Educate your staff about suspicious behavior to look out for.
  • Get electronic article surveillance.
  • Use tags with increased magnetic strength.
  • Put high-value items within an eye range of staff.
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Hire security services

Hiring security is the firsts step you should take, as they can tackle anyone trying to run away and keep an eye on everyone. Moreover, they can even help with customer services. As a result, any potential shoplifter will be intimidated by the presence of security guards. You can hire our best security services for your business. Contact our staff at Western Eagle Security by dialing 281 496 6800 or leaving us a mail at

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