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When we think of security guards, we automatically imagine uniformed officers standing guard outside a building or working as a personal celebrity security guard. But did you know a security guard can do a lot more than standing in their uniforms? Since they keep an eye out for potential crime, did you know security guards can protect against vandalism? Yes, just by being present at the scene, they can deter the vandals away from the area. But that’s not all! Learn more about how security guards can help discourage crimes such as vandalism in this blog!

How Security Guards Help Keep the Area Safe From Vandalism

Here are some ways security guards might help keep the vandals away:

  1. Round-the-Clock Presence Deters Vandals
    If you are looking to shield your property from damage, consider hiring a 24-hour security guard service. They can meet urgent security requirements and handle emergency situations, making sure the site remains secure at all times. Hence, they have the training that is essential to spot and manage threats such as vandalism. When they notice something suspicious, they will get to work and respond in real-time. Since they are present around the clock, vandals will think twice before committing a crime.
  2. Proper & Thorough Research
    When you hire a professional security guard service, they will inspect every inch of the property to plan out their schedule and techniques. By investing time to do proper research regarding the location details and potential weak spots, the security team might ask permission for minimal changes and do what’s important to prevent vandalism.
  3. Laying Out a Trap
    Security guards have the expertise you need to catch a suspected vandal in the act. They think on their feet and strategize plans to preset the plan as well. When their internal alarm starts ringing regarding a potential crime, they will use their intelligence and skills to create practical solutions. Therefore, hiring a certified one never backfires — they can help you catch any vandals that have been destroying your property.
  4. On-The-Spot Response
    If a vandal strikes, the security guard will respond faster, thanks to their training. Sometimes, the criminals are not deterred or intimidated by the presence of a security guard. If, in that case, the vandal tries to get away with the destruction of property, the security guard will be able to respond on the spot. So, in simple terms, if the vandals commit malicious activity, the security guard has the training that allows them to deal with the situation at hand.
  5. Keep a Constant Eye on the Monitor
    The training and education guards can be pretty useful if you suspect vandalism. Another advantage of having security guards is that they know how to monitor and examine security footage to constantly scan the area. This way, they can notice any warning signs that might indicate an act of vandalism or suspicious activity and take immediate action.


If you need to protect your property and assets from an act of vandalism, hiring a security guard service might be the answer you are looking for. Contact Western Eagle to protect your assets and the people around you by dialing (281) 496-6800. You can also visit us at 11201 Richmond Ave #108, Houston, TX 77082, United States.

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