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Security officer duties at an event

January 15, 2021

Planning a huge event requires many preparations; whether it is personal or business-related. The greater the guest, the more safety issues can come up. Like if you are planning a festival, concert, or any other company event, the invitations are widespread, and keeping an eye on everyone entering the place is impossible. Hence, this comes […]

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Three ways the security guards can assist your business in surviving the pandemic

December 30, 2020

Businesses around the world are puzzled and worried about how to survive a pandemic? Uncertainty spreads globally, and everyone is waiting for the COVID-19 to end so that regular life can start. Each day a new challenge arises; huge orders are taken back due to the closure of world borders, and it affects daily operation. […]

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The benefits of hiring patrol security services

December 15, 2020

The crime rate is increasing rapidly over the past few years. Its category is broad and includes many different types, such as life threats, violence, and property crimes. Moving around on the streets is becoming unsafe for many, and we often hear incidents of murders and kidnapping. The need of hiring patrol security services is […]

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Benefits of an armed security guard in school

November 30, 2020

Due to the increasing violence in our cities, even schools are no longer a safe place. While looking at the last few years, we have heard about many past incidents, and students have lost lives in the school shooting tragedies. Therefore this raises the need for armed security guards in school. A school has to […]

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How do Private Investigative Firms Tackle Time Card Fraud?

November 15, 2020

For any business, time equals money. The more hours the employee gives, the more revenue generates. A common scam that is happening nowadays in the business world is time card fraud. It is similar to stealing money, as the employee says they worked a certain amount and takes payment for hours they actually didn’t work. To […]

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Here’s why Your Apartment Needs a Security Guard

October 30, 2020

No matter where you work, study, or enjoy your favorite movie, security is a concern everywhere. But one place everyone wants to feel safe and relaxed is their home sweet home. It’s the responsibility of apartment management to ensure the safety and security of each of its residents and their guests. Issues such as theft, […]

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Why Does Your Retail Business Need Security Guards? Top 5 Reasons

October 15, 2020

Retail stores and malls receive tons of visitors of all types. People roaming around and making purchases can result in large crowds. The bigger the crowd, the more the chances of crime. Hiring security guards can be a great way to keep your business, customers, and staff members safe. Below are the advantages of hiring […]

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What are the techniques of surveillance?

September 30, 2020

The term surveillance is a wide term that stands for close monitoring of actions and behavior to protect people. Today, surveillance is required in every aspect and corner of life, be it a residential or a commercial area. Security services and crime investigation unit providers use surveillance techniques to professionally safeguard the whole city. You […]

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Residential Security Guards: Keeping Your Community Safe

September 15, 2020

Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes. If you manage a gated community or other residential living situations, you know that your residents’ safety and security are your foremost duty. So is there an effective way to ensure that? Yes, keep reading to find out. Residential Security Guards Can Help You An effective residential […]

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Benefits of Having Undercover Security Officers at Concerts

August 30, 2020

Many concert promoters hire security companies to administer their events. If you’re a manager at a security firm, you’ll have to come up with a plan to keep such events safe. To keep an eye on the entry and exit of people, uniformed security personnel must be at the gates. They will prevent people from […]

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