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Top Traits to Look for in a Private Security Firm

Before retaining a private security company to manage your business’ needs, make sure the company’s qualities match your requirements. Here are standard elements thattrustworthy security firms have in common, and some key indicators of an efficient security company. Industry Provider of Private Security Go to a reputable provider and look for a firm thatprovides quality […]

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Hiring the Right Security Guard Company

Hiring the right security guard company may require some looking around to find the one that best fits your needs. Many companies provide security as an add-on or in addition to their primary business. They are probably not a company you should consider high on your list. Although they’re worth checking into, you really want […]

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Security Officer

Although there are many benefits to hiring a security officer, we will discuss the five bests reasons you should hire a private professional for your business in the Houston area. In our eyes, those five arguments are more rationale than justification. Anyone with business sense knows that when you leave your warehouse unattended, crafty burglars […]

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Hiring Private Security for Private Events

Two Reasons to Hire Private Security The inherent dangers involved in hosting a private event and the expense of recruiting, hiring, training, equipping and maintaining a guard force makes it necessary to hire private securityfor your event. Whether you have a last-minute business conference at a local Houston hotel or conference center or a well-planned […]

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Hiring an Armed Guard in Houston

Requirements Versus Expense Are you in the process of hiring an armed guard in Houston? A uniformed and armed security officer is a visible and formidable crime deterrent in any setting. However, before you execute the order to have Human Resources (HR) start recruiting, you must first consider how often you will need an armed […]

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Choosing a Houston Security Guard Service in 2018

Today, in our world full of good times and bad, you need assurance you are protected from the later. Classically, there have always been a few reasons why property owners hire a Houston security guard service – a sense of trust, stability and professional-grade training. These components are crucial and cannot be compromised when it […]

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More Communities Are Hiring a Security Patrol to Ward Off Crime

Security patrols, either in a vehicle or on foot, are one of the best deterrents of crime in your business or homeowner association (HOA). The sight of a security patrol will, in most cases, send burglars, intruders and vandals fleeing. They would rather move on to an easier target than risk being caught by security. […]

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Top Reasons To Hire A Houston Security Guard Service

There are several schools of thought about how many reasons there are to hire a Houston security guard service rather than recruiting and hiring your own guards. There are only three important reasons to hire a service: expense, professional training and peace of mind. Everything else can be aligned under one of those reasons. Expense […]

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3 Times When a Private Security Guard Is a Good Idea

A private security guard is more than just a show of force for deterrence at the door or after-hours surveillance. They can provide a sense of stability in the workplace while keeping an eye on an employee that may be going through a rough period, but is otherwise a valued employee. They can also monitor […]

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Security Patrol Techniques that Work

Whether on foot or in a vehicle, there are certain techniques a security patrol should use to make their job safer and more effective. Some of these techniques are common sense tips, while others should be ingrained in every security guard’s operating procedures. These techniques are not listed in any particular order, as who can […]

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