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How Many Security Officers Should You Have At Your Site?

June 15, 2021

No matter how efficient, a security officer can not be at two places at once; hence, your security officer provider will always recommend you have more than one security officer. Imagine during an emergency; how would you save your staff with just one security officer. But multiple factors determine how many security officers you need. […]

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Common Misunderstandings People Have about Security Guards

May 30, 2021

The 21st century introduced us to all new forms of security threats. While hiring security guards is vital, many companies have certain misunderstandings regarding security guards. The first misconception that people have is that hiring security guards is costly and that only those with immense wealth and money need security guards to protect themselves. Security […]

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Here Are Some Protections A Security Guard Should Take For COVID-19

May 15, 2021

To keep up with all their tasks, your security guards need to remain physically healthy and fit. And here are some tips that you can take to protect security guards from the global COVID-19 pandemic: The first step you should take is that your security guards should regularly take the COVID-19 test. Then it is […]

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Do You Need To Train Your Security Guards More?

April 30, 2021

On average, most companies spend 1% of their capital on further training their security officers. Your security team not only protects your workplace but represents the integrity of your company. How often do you have drills for security protocols done in your workplace? It is often argued that fire drills and other security protocols do […]

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Why Does Your Construction Sites Require Security?

April 15, 2021

Construction sites, house equipment worth a lot of money. Reports suggest that annually an estimated 1 billion dollars worth of equipment goes missing from construction sites. The contractor suffers this loss due to such thefts, but this problem is minor compared to the other issues the company would face due to such events. The company […]

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Want To Be A Security Officer? Here Is What You Need To Have – Part 2

March 30, 2021

This article is a continuation of the last article titled “Want To Be A Security Officer? Here Is What You Need To Have”. We have discussed some points in our previous article; other points are mentioned here. You, Will, Need To Be Good With Verbal and Written Communication As a security officer, you will have […]

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Want To Be A Security Officer? Here Is What You Need To Have

March 15, 2021

Studies show that there is a lot in the market for a security officer. It is a responsibility where you are protecting someone. It even pays good, but you will need a few particular skills to become a good security officer if you want it. You Have To Be Honest You need to be honest […]

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Self-management skills of Security Personnel

February 28, 2021

To be a security officer, the person must have few skills. Along with protecting the client, the officer has to save him/herself too. It requires a lot of multitasks; hence every security personnel should possess good self-management skills. The guard should know how to manage and take responsibility for their behaviour first and then control […]

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Security guard’s role in law and crime

February 15, 2021

Law and crime are two main elements of society; following the law and order makes you a good citizen. On the other hand, the authorities are against you when you commit a crime; and then you have to suffer punishment. It depends as per the state laws. Security guard plays a significant role in regulating […]

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Door security guards to secure your place

January 30, 2021

An entrance is the first point to secure; an intruder can quickly enter through the unguarded door. The door security guard at any residential building or commercial place protects the place and provides mental peace. Here we will look at how a site is secured by installing proper force and using gadgets. Door security guard […]

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