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Houston Security Guards: Here to Secure Your Nightlife

Nightlife often includes large crowds of people, concerts, nightclubs, sporting events and other entertainment venues that draw big groups. Event coordinators need to hire Houston security guards to maintain order, because many of these eventgoers are looking for an easy target to take advantage of or rob. A good rule of thumb for those event […]

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Armed Security Guards at Places of Worship Is Not a New Idea

The October 2018 attacks on the synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, the murder of nine Bible study participants in 2015 and others have left clergy and parishioners wondering about their safety even in a house of divine worship. The idea of armed security guards in churches, mosques, temples and other places of worship, raised by […]

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Need to Reduce Inventory Shrinkage? Hire a Security Guard

Do you need to reduce inventory shrinkage? The statistics on employee theft are staggering. As astonishing as it may seem, you may need to protect your inventory from the very people you hired to manage it. You might need to hire a security guard for round-the-clock surveillance. A Security Guard Can Reduce Employee Theft Have […]

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Why Your Office Complex Needs a Security Guard

Have you ever considered what criminals are thinking when they look at your office complex? What you do or the assets you have at your place of business don’t matter; there are plenty of opportunistic burglars who will take their chances on the assumption there are valuables to loot. Cyber Criminals If, like most businesses, […]

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Why Being a Security Guard Is in High Demand?

Have you ever awakened and wondered if you are in the right career field? Ever wondered what other careers are out there that would allow you to feel better about going to work every day? One profession in high demand these days is security guard. A professional security guard position can fulfill a need for […]

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What You Should Look for in a Security Company

The Best Security Company These days, people are looking for the services of a good security company. Security is extremely crucial in today’s world, to protect your company’s assets. Hiring the services of a security company plays a significant role in improving the safety of a home, homeowner’s association (HOA), business and other vital organization. […]

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Choosing the Right Private Security Guard

Protecting What’s Yours Choosing the right private security guard for your business, Homeowner’s Association (HOA), or private property requires practical considerations to protect its assets. It should not be thought of the same as selecting a pizza place. There are many issues you will want to consider, such as training, insurance, uniforms and equipment, and […]

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Why Houston Security Guards Are Needed More Than Ever

With crime at a high, Houston security guards are needed right across the city to protect property, people, and places. There are a few scenarios, in a world dominated by technology, where a business is completely safe. The men and women who serve as Houston security guards are an asset that is becoming increasingly invaluable. […]

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Office Security: Keeping Employees Safe

Horrific workplace tragedies continue to make headlines across America. Never before has office security and keeping employees safe been a more significant concern for employers. Taking a proactive approach now will help employers maintain a safe environment for staff and make them better prepared should a crisis occur in the workplace. Violence in the Workplace […]

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4 Events Where Private Security Is a Huge Benefit

Private security can pay handsome dividends for companies and corporations sponsoring special events, especially when possible threats have been identified. It only makes sense to have extra well-trained security at collegiate sporting events, concerts, politically-charged fundraisers and events where protests are likely to require manned entrance and exit doors, restricted access checks, crowd control and […]

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