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Tips from a Professional on How to Make Your Home More Secure

According to the US Department of Justice, property crime is perpetrated every 4 seconds in the United States, a burglary occurs every 20 seconds, and a robbery, every 90 seconds. As a result, it has become important to take extra steps to secure ones’ homes and property. To this effect, we discussed with some security […]

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The Relationship Between Better Security and Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance companies consider a number of factors while calculating monthly premiums. Risk is perhaps the most prominent of them, and the lower the security risk at your home or place of business, the lower your insurance costs. Here are a number of ways you can beef up security at home, ensuring the safety of your […]

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5 Factors to Consider While Hiring a Security Service

To ensure safety, it may become necessary to beef up your personal security or employ a security guard for your place of business. Here are some factors to consider if you are in the market for a security service: Expertise How much expertise do they have? How familiar are they with your environment? The ideal […]

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Unexpected Advantages of Security Guards at Businesses

More small businesses are hiring private security services to provide protection against petty thieves and criminals. However, in addition to keeping customers and employees secure, there are other less-considered advantages to having a security guard at a business location. Crime prevention When small-time criminals are on the prowl for businesses to attack, they often get […]

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How an Unarmed Security Guard Can Help in an Active Assailant Incident

The new mantra or rule for an unarmed security guard who gets thrust into an active assailant incident is “grab, drop and strike.” Of course, no one expects an unarmed security guard to engage an armed assailant, but some will bethrust into that kind ofsituation and have no choice but to react. When the assailant […]

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The Dangerous Life of a Security Guard in Houston

Violence against security guards in the Houston area and across the country is intensifying. There were two incidents of violence against Houston area security guards during the last week of January 2019. Two Houston Security Guards Assaulted As reported by the Houston Chronicle, an area father without permission tried to pick up his son from […]

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When Should You Hire an Armed Security Guard?

Knowing when you need an armed security guard versus an unarmed guard could save you a lot of money. Armed guards require additional training and background checks. Therefore, the security company that pays for the training expects a better return on their investment. Whether you need an armed guard or not usually depends on the […]

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3 Signs Your Security Guard Is Doing Their Job

When it comes to determining how effective your security guard force is, some indicators are better than others. Three signals they are doing their job are personal observation, employee satisfaction, and a reduction of missing inventory. Indicator #1 Your Security Guard Is Doing Their Job – Observation  Although you cannot watch your security guards all […]

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Apartment Security: Everyone Should Feel Safe in Their Home

Have you ever wondered about apartment security in your building? Maybe you have an apartment complex, and with the rise in crime everywhere have started wondering if you should provide more security for your tenants. Truth be known, apartment complex owners face significant risk from lawsuits and liability claims if things go wrong. Most lawsuits […]

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Choosing the Right Type of Security Guard for Your Business

Choosing the right type of security guard for your business can be a challenge. Because of the prevalence of many types of sophisticated intruders, it is imperative you know what type of guard you are hiring to protect your business. You need to ensure you are not hiring a fox to watch our chickens, so […]

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