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A construction site is open to many security threats, from theft to property damage, and much more. The huge quantities of high-value metals and tools, present at a construction site make it nothing less than a gold mine for thieves. Theft and property damage can cost loss worth millions of dollars. Therefore to minimize the loss, it is important to benefit from the services provided by construction site security guards.
Duties of construction site security guards:

Site Access Control

A construction site is like a busy railway station, where a number of builders, plumbers and electricians go in and out every hour. A presence of a guard can make it easy to monitor them and to make sure that only known people are allowed to enter the site.

Theft Control

Expensive material such as tools and metals are present at a construction site, and it gives an opportunity to the thieves.

A guard can not only keep the site safe during the day but also at night. They can look out for thieves and take action to keep the site safe.

Control Property Damage

Each year the construction industry faces heavy losses due to property damage. The industry has to bear the loss due to damage repair, replacement of broken equipment, and delay in deadlines. A guard can watch out for vandals and catch them before or during the act of damage.

Emergency Evacuation

The guards also carry out site evacuation during emergencies such as a fire or natural disasters. They are also responsible for taking necessary actions to keep everyone safe at the site and minimize the loss.

Western Eagle Security provides security guards that are trained to keep your construction site safe from possible losses. If you plan on to hire a guard, call us on 281-496-6800, and we will promise you the best guard services.

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