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In a world surrounded by crime and deviant behavior, the need for security has risen to an all-time high. However, due to this increase, various modes of security exist. Whether it’s in the form of hiring physical security guards or installing CCTV cameras, the options are endless.

But amidst the wide variety, what is the best option? How can you ensure total security and safety?

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to secure the perimeters of your house or business but can’t decide which route to take, don’t worry. We’ve compared both alternatives in this blog, so keep on scrolling to read more.

What Is The Difference Between Security Cameras vs. Security Guards?

Most people think security cameras are more secure due to their compact build and 24/7 surveillance. However, security guards can take on a more proactive and physical role. So, what is it that really sets the two apart -besides their physical aspect?

There’s no doubt that both options have their own set of qualities and advantages. Although, depending on your needs, there might be one alternative that you may want to seek out more than the other.

To help understand which mode of security is the best, take a look at the benefits mentioned below for each category:

Security Guards

It’s always a plus when there’s an open mode of communication present. With a physical security officer present on site, you can talk to them and see how they take charge of a critical situation.

For instance, just by having someone physically present, the criminal can easily get deterred. Plus, it’s had to tamper with an actual human being. Since professional guards undergo extensive training and drill sessions, they know how to handle security breaches.

Security Cameras

The best part about CCTV cameras is that they offer remote monitoring. That is to say; you don’t need to communicate with a third party for updates. You can be lounging at your home or office and simultaneously monitor the happenings around the area.

In fact, due to constant technological advancements, you can also be made aware of security breaches. With the help of motion detection sensors and security alarms, you can get access to all security features within your fingers’ grasp.

CCTV Cameras vs. Security Guards: What’s The Better Option?

Depending on the purpose, you might require a certain security option that takes care of your safety needs. Here are some features you should pay attention to and take note of when considering which security option to go for.


In terms of price tag, security guards are far more expensive than CCTV cameras. But that’s due to their proactive abilities to stop a crime from taking place in real time.


CCTV cameras are more reliable simply because there’s no bias or distraction. However, security guards cannot be tampered with or easily blocked off.


Security officers are the only ones who can take action when needed. Thanks to their training, you don’t have to worry about any serious consequences arising.

Response Time

You can check in real-time what’s happening in a specific area through a security camera. Although, when it comes to physically taking action, only a security guard can respond instantly and prevent a crime from occurring.

Round-The-Clock Protection

Depending on your budget, you can opt for security officers in varying shifts or a CCTV camera that records everything 24/7.

What’s The Bottom Line?

All in all, besides the physical aspect, there’s a huge difference between security guards and security cameras.

If you want to ensure the total and complete safety of your house or business, contact Western Eagle for more information at (281) 496-6800. You can also drop by our office at 11201 Richmond Ave. #108, Houston, TX 77082. We’re located right in the heart of Westchase Corporate Park.

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