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You do not have to go without a state-of-the-art security system just because you live in an apartment. The latest high-tech alarm gear and technology make apartment security easy to obtain. Many new systems are installed using 3M detachable adhesive that does not leave a mark, so you do not risk losing your security deposit due to holes for mounting screws. Let’s look at some of the new technology available for apartment security and your peace of mind.

Wireless Systems for Apartment Security

No cables are needed to route back to a central alarm panel because wireless sensors are powered by long-lasting lithium batteries. Typically, sensors operate for years before needing battery replacement. When they do need replacement, the batteries are inexpensive standard power cells available at most department and hardware stores. Not needing to run cables is great for landlords who do not even want you to drive a nail to hang up a picture. Wireless systems do not even need a phone line as they connect to the monitoring agency using cellular radio networks.These systems allow remote access to your system over your home Wi-Fi for reliable electronic apartment security.


Surveillance cameras are available for indoor or outdoor use. Models are available with infrared LED emitters to give you a clear view of what the camera sees even if it is pitch dark. Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras are available as well. You can view live footage and control your PTZ cameras remotely using an app installed on your internet-enabled device. Many use an app on their smartphones to get alerts when a camera senses motion and to see what is happening within the camera’s view in real time. Cameras do require a nearby electrical outlet for power, but they do not require a cable to be routed to the central alarm panel.


All the features of a fully featured home security system are available for apartments, including smart home control devices such as electronic door locks and lighting controls. Modern wireless alarm systems also offer smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection contained in a single device. Typical sensors used in securing your apartment include window and door intrusion sensors and motion detectors, which are pet-friendly so there are no false alarms. All components communicate wirelessly with a central alarm control panel that is tied into a 24-hour monitoring service. However, there are models available without monitoring.

You have all the options in top-notch apartment security that the most expensive homes have been enjoying for years. And, these new systems are now available at prices no apartment dweller would want to pass up. Your apartment is your home, and you can secure it in the same way homeowners have been doing for years using wireless home security equipment for better peace of mind.

Western Eagle Security – Apartment Security Solutions

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