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Finding answers to unsolved mysteries and impossible questions is what a private investigator does best. If you’re looking to uncover some important information that otherwise may be hard to find, you might want to look into PIs.

From catching a cheating spouse to performing thorough background checks, PIs really can do it all. That is why in this blog, we’re going to be discussing why you should hire a private investigator.

Why Should I Hire a Private Investigator?

There are plenty of reasons why a PI can benefit you. If you’re a part of an ongoing court trial and need certain evidence to back you up, a skilled private investigator could be of huge help. On the contrary, if you’ve just found out about your significant other cheating and wish to get more dirt, a PI will be your best friend. The advantages are truly endless. Nonetheless, mentioned below are some of the reasons why you should hire a private investigator:

Tracking A Person

When it comes to tracking people’s movements and being up to date with their location, a private detective can cover all the bases. Often, people resort to using Facebook or other social media sites for amateur searching. Be it a catfish or a distant relative, PIs can dig deep into their lives and produce results you might not even expect.

Fraud Investigations

For individuals and businesses alike, keeping know-how of their finances is essential. A private detective, in this case, can sift through documents, monitor the third party closely, and ensure that there’s nothing out of the ordinary taking place. This is to prevent healthcare, investment, as well as insurance fraud.

Bug Sweeps

You won’t believe how many people get bugged and don’t even realize it. Certain organizations or individuals with a vendetta can spy on you in hopes of retrieving personal information. Private detectives have special training in debugging homes and offices to ensure that your privacy remains intact.

Process Serving

Service of the process includes a law firm extending a legal notice and delivering it to the defendant. Usually, to maintain anonymity, some people hire PIs to have their documents delivered in a professional and prompt manner.

Detailed Background Checks

No one is as adept as private investigators when it comes to conducting a meticulous background check. Whether you work solo or are a part of a company, background scans these days are a necessity. Especially since people can cover up their past criminal convictions with so much ease.

Divorce or Infidelity Cases

Separating from a significant other can be a huge emotional roller coaster ride. Nonetheless, whether it be due to a divorce settlement, child custody, or an infidelity case, private detectives can uncover all hidden assets and secrets which might earn you the edge you need during your court hearing.

Victim of Identity Theft

Victims of identity theft go through horrendous cycles when reclaiming their identity. Without a proper sense of self, they might feel lost and alone. A PI can help expose the culprit and get back their stolen identity.

Employee Insurance Fraud

Hiring an employee without knowing much about them can lead to future complications. In case of suspicion, it’s better to hire a private investigator to prevent your company from suffering at the hands of a deceitful employee. One who might be conducting internal insurance fraud.

Personal Lawsuits

Private detectives come in handy even if you only require their services for personal legal issues. They can get you the details you need to proceed with your case.

Where Can I Hire a Private Investigator?

Now that you know all the reasons why you should hire a private investigator, you’re probably wondering where to avail of these services. Western Eagle offers skilled private investigators for all your detective needs. You can contact us online or call (281) 496-6800.

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