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Shoplifting can be an extremely tedious crime. Not as much for the person stealing, but rather for the business owners. Having your valuable merchandise stolen is far from ideal. If anything, it hampers your business and can soon become an obstacle that keeps you from flourishing.

Nevertheless, to keep you and your store thriving, we’ve put together a list of 7 tips you can follow to prevent shoplifting.

1. Train Your Staff
Training your employees about common shoplifting techniques is vital to prevent petty thefts. Implement a proper shoplifting protocol for your store. For instance, if you spot someone suspicious, there should be a code word to refer to that person and warn the other employees stationed in the store. It would then become their job to keep their eyes on this person. Since shoplifters are reluctant to act out under supervision, chances are the suspicious person will walk out on their own.

2. Put Up Posters
This might seem extreme, but putting up posters or signs stating the consequences of stealing is highly important. This would hopefully deter any shoplifter from entering your store and keep your business well-protected.

3. Keep Customers in Eye View
Eliminating all blind spots should be your number one priority. Not to mention, you can easily step up your customer service game by having your employees keep the customers in their line of sight. Greet everyone who walks through the doors, ask them if they need any assistance, and have an adequate number of employees standing in various positions throughout the store.

4. Stay Organized
Chaos and haphazard messes attract shoplifters. This is mainly because nicking a few items from a pile of clutter is hardly noticeable. Ask your employees to pay attention to any mess that might be lying around. Organize everything in neat piles or stacks, and maintain tidiness.

5. Look Out For The Common Signs of Shoplifting
Nervousness, sweating, and shifty eyes are all some of the signs of a shoplifter at play. Make sure you can see your customers and spot anyone that might be acting out of the ordinary.

6. Update Your Inventory Management System
Having a proper inventory management system for your business is vital. It can especially come in handy to notice what products have been sold and what went missing. A retail software system automatically documents everything when a purchase is being made in real time.

7. Install Convex Mirrors and CCTV Cameras
CCTV cameras and convex mirrors can play a huge role in keeping your store free from petty thefts. Most shoplifters stay away from places that actively monitor their store’s merchandise.

Hire Professional Security to Prevent Shoplifting

In the end, if nothing else works or you just want to increase your overall security, hiring a guard might work more in your favor. A trained security guard is bound to repel anyone who might be on the verge of shoplifting from your store. Contact Western Eagle today for maximum protection for you and your business. Just dial (281) 496-6800 and leave the rest to us.

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