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CCTV and Security Cameras

When it comes to a security camera, most are equipped to allow people to watch everyone and everything within a certain distance with a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV). A CCTV can also capture audio recordings and be hooked up to an internet protocol(IP) network so that the user will have instant access to watch the footage, either locally or remotely.

Fortunately, many cameras have become much more affordable in price due to many receiving upgrades in technological advancements. There is a huge market for CCTV due mainly to security purposes.

Five Security Camera Functions You May Not Know About

Many cameras are capable of not only streaming video and audio, but they can also capture higher visual resolutions. Some of the extra features security cameras include are:

  1. Two-way audio
  2. Remote accessibility
  3. Encryption and authentication
  4. Network video cameras can function on a wireless network
  5. IP camera flexibility, which allows users to move their camera to any part of their home or business space. This includes wireless cameras.

When it comes to video quality, many security cameras offer three types of visual grades, including standard resolution, high-resolution, and high-definition (HD).

Camera Considerations

What most people don’t realize is that even though many security cameras come in different shapes and sizes, they are not all built alike. There are some cameras that are built to endure rain and humidity, while other cameras are not immune to sand, snow, frost, and dust and must be encased to protect them from the elements.

One thing to keep in mind before you purchase a security camera is that you should research what type of camera and what it’s specifications will offer you before you make your purchase.

Camera Capabilities

Another important note is that both the mounting locations and camera capabilities are very important, especially when it comes to strengthening your overall video security.

A security camera can use live-streaming video to help prevent thieves from burglarizing or vandalizing your home or business or capture usable video for investigators when the intruders are not caught in the act. If you place your camera near an infrared IR light source, the intruder will likely not even know their image was captured as IR lights are not visible to the naked eye.

Lastly, depending on your security camera type and/or function, your camera will need power to operate.You will need a small power pack or an electrical wire outlet that can connect directly to your camera and plug into a nearby wall outlet.

Western Eagle Security – Your Best Security Camera Solutions

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