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Due to the recent rise in school crime, school security has risen at an alarming rate. Putting proper security systems in place has now become the norm. This is why it is vital to maintain student and staff safety.

Plus, crimes involving guns, school break-ins, systematic bullying, etc., are all sad realities we’re a part of. With no one to properly guide or take care of the basic security measures, schools have fallen prey to such vile acts. Perhaps that is why parents battle with the doomed feeling of unease. They’re reluctant to send their kids off to a place that has not kept up with the basic risk assessments.

When children are faced with a constant stream of bullying and violence, it could hinder their growth and progress. Not to mention, their personalities also get negatively affected.

Reasons Why School Security is so Important

There are many reasons why adapting to a proper school security system is so important. Following are some of these primary causes:

  • On-Campus Patrol With trained officers patrolling school grounds, school crimes can reduce significantly. When everyone else is busy with their schedules, impromptu security checks can keep an eye out for any abrupt or out-of-place activity. This helps to increase the overall protection level. Plus, it also ensures that any argument or fight that breaks out on campus is immediately resolved.
  • Handling Emergencies In the face of an emergency, most people tend to freeze up. However, a security officer who has been specially trained can handle multiple accidents and other such circumstances. They might escort the student or staff needing urgent care somewhere they can receive help. Moreover, if the emergency escalates, they’ll likely be ready with paramedic help.
  • Secured Entrance A secured entrance system might come in handy if the school building doesn’t already have a reception area to monitor who enters and leaves the facility. When hiring proper security, you can choose to install metal detectors and other identification methods. This is to prevent any stranger from breaking into the premises and causing further trouble.
  • Staff Safety When it comes to protecting the school, it isn’t just limited to the students. Faculty members are a crucial part of the school, and their safety is also a top priority. According to multiple studies on school-based crimes and safety, there have been various cases of abuse and harassment of teachers. Most of these are committed by the students themselves. A good security team can prevent such horrendous acts from happening.
  • Parental Concern Last but not least, strengthening your school’s overall security not only helps to ease the worry of students but also of their parents. Furthermore, in case a safety hazard or threat arises, officers on campus can ensure that appropriate safety measures are taken.

Where to Find the Best School Security?

If you’re looking to find a team of well-trained officers who know how to take care of juvenile behavior, reach out to Western Eagle today. You can call us by picking up your phone and dialing (281) 496-6800 now!

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