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These days, security guards have benefits that go just beyond safeguarding people and buildings. If you own/live in an apartment complex, here are 5 reasons why you need to look into hiring private security guards:

1. Guards deter criminals

When criminals are looking for houses to rob/attack, they usually ignore the ones with security guards and opt for easier targets. The same goes for vandals and petty thieves; the presence of a guard is often enough to discourage them.

2. They react quickly to any danger

Guards from top security agencies are trained in emergency response and crisis management, so, they know what to do in the face of danger. Without a guard, those 7 minutes before the police arrive may be costly.

3. Guards are professional eyewitnesses

Well-trained guards are better eyewitnesses than the average person. If a crime occurs around a building, they can give authorities detailed descriptions of people that have been lurking about recently. Criminals know this, that is why crimes rarely happen close to apartments with professional guards.

4. Residents have stand-by protection

If residents notice suspicious activity, it’s easier for them to alert security guards than call the police. Since the guards protect the apartment, this falls under their responsibility. Residents don’t have to worry about false alarms.

5. The presence of guards increases property value

The presence of a security guard signals that an apartment complex is safe and secure. This increases the value of the property, and potential tenants will gladly pay higher than average rents.

Since 2003, Western Eagle Security has been providing security services to apartment complexes in Texas. For all your private security needs in the area, call 281-496-6800.

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