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Although there are many benefits to hiring a security officer, we will discuss the five bests reasons you should hire a private professional for your business in the Houston area. In our eyes, those five arguments are more rationale than justification. Anyone with business sense knows that when you leave your warehouse unattended, crafty burglars are devising plans to take from you what does not belong to them.

Even if your insurance would cover 100 percent of the cost of recovery and law enforcement always captured the bad guys, there’s still that feeling of insecurity for you, your customers, and your employees after an intrusion. It’s also good business sense to take the inexpensive option when hiring a guard force.

Choosing to hire a trained and ready security officer makes better sense financially versus the expense of training and equipping security yourself. In addition, these professionals are familiar with their area of operation (AO), they are a valuable crime deterrent, they give your customers and employees peace of mind, and they’re professionally trained to handle volatile situations in the workplace and after hours.

These are not necessarily in order of importance because different business ownershave differentpriorities. However, here are our top five business rationales for hiring a security officer or guard force from a private professional provider such as Western Eagle Security in Houston:

#1 – Reduced Costs

When you consider how much it costs to advertise, interview, conduct background checks, hire, equip, and train a security officer, it is smart to employtrained and equipped officers who are ready to start. Even when you contemplate a long-term arrangement as more financially beneficial for your business or homeowners’ association (HOA), it will take months to complete the process. In addition, you will need to hire and train a security managertoo to comply with Texas state law.

#2 – They Know Their AO

A security officer knows their AO and immediately notices when something is out of place or just not right. They patrol your warehouse, business grounds, or HOA subdivision as directed and will become aware of any loiterers or interlopers planning a possible intrusion.

# 3 – Crime Deterrence

Having security on the grounds watching over your business after hours is a valuable crime deterrent that will allow you peace of mind. Anyone considering a break-in will see there is security personnel on duty and “take the path of least resistance,” and move on to a more manageable target.

#4 – Customer & Employee Consideration

Having a security officer at the front door gives everyone a better feeling of security and will help to provide a stress-free environment for your workers and better shopping conditions for customers. Likewise, a problemed employee is less likely to act up knowing security is on the job.

#5 – A Professionally Trained Security Officer

This rationale could easily be the best for hiring a security officer, depending on how you feel about the financial side of the equation. Primarily this is true because professionally trained personnel know how to react and what actions they can take by law. Therefore, there is less stress of a lawsuit because of an overzealous guard who used too much force on a shoplifter or trespasser.

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