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Private security can pay handsome dividends for companies and corporations sponsoring special events, especially when possible threats have been identified. It only makes sense to have extra well-trained security at collegiate sporting events, concerts, politically-charged fundraisers and events where protests are likely to require manned entrance and exit doors, restricted access checks, crowd control and possibly a show of force to maintain order.

In Texas, even security with batons must receive specialized weapons training and use-of-force strategies before they can be armed.

1.Private Security for Events Where Protests Are Likely

Even small events can draw large crowds of protesters quickly. When a company hires a few extras to bolster their night watchman or regular security team, they can be overrun very quickly and have no choice but to call in law enforcement,which might not be able to respond before property damage and injuries occur. Using private security to support your security staff can be an inexpensive alternative to hiring temporary, untrained fill-ins.

2.Collegiate and Other Sports Events

Collegiate sports events, even at small schools, can draw tens of thousands of spectators. It might be necessary to hireprivate security for crowd control and as support and backup for ticket takers, ushers, gate staff and uniformed guards. The presence of uniformed guardsis often all that is required to maintain order. However, when the crowd becomes unruly, having trained private security present could prevent trouble when possible or contact law enforcement when necessary.

USA Todayreports”stadiums and entertainment venues across the nation routinely rely on low-paid, part-time guards with spotty training and even criminal convictions” to help man security for sports events and concerts.


Since the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, concert planners have been forced to take a closer look at security. Even theaters and small clubs hosting popular DJs and live bands are now hiring private security to analyze the risks.

Many venues have moved away from having an event coordinator who is solely responsiblefor security. Aprivate security company can assess possible threats and plan emergency strategies, including exit procedures. Too often, concert and entertainment organizers only look at keeping non-paying participants out rather than looking at ways to get everyone out safely,in an emergency.

4.Controversial Fundraisers

Fundraisers for controversial agencies, and who knows what is liable to be controversial, can get many in the community into an uproar. What’s wholesome and good one day can be a contested or disputed issue the next. It would be advisable to speak with a private security consultant to gauge the threat and provide suggestions about security.

Western Eagle Security –ProvidingPrivate Security for Events in Houston

Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800, for a complete analysis of the security needs of your special event. Use our handy contact form .Identifying the vulnerabilities and potential threats is our business. Let us make your event safer and more enjoyable for all attendees.


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