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Homeowners Association HOA Security Guards

HOA security is not mandatory and some communities are content to allow local law enforcement to provide their security needs. That’s fine in areas where the tax base is large enough to support a police force large enough to provide security and traffic management,including for your HOA. However, with the rising crime rate, particularly vehicle and home break-ins, in most cases, a security guard presence is necessary and beneficial even when it is not mandatory.

Benefit #1 – Security

The addition of gate guards, vehicle roving guards, and on-foot patrols makes HOA security a benefit to all residents. Depending on the size of the community there are various requirements. Some communities are sufficiently secure with just a gate guard to keep out unwanted intruders, while larger communities need full-time foot patrols to ensure traffic safety and limited parking is shared properly.

Benefit #2 –Traffic&Parking Enforcement

Where there are a limited number of parking spaces and children constantly at play, the presence of a guard to enforce HOA traffic and parking rules is essential. Many communities have homeowners who always use two parking spaces or more and park diagonally because they believe their vehicle is more valuable than another tenant’s vehicle. There are those who always have guests or in-laws staying over and use more than the allowed parking spaces, while other residents must walk home from an inconvenient space. These people will persist in breaking the rules and disturbing the peace unless the rules are enforced. When homeowners must police the other tenants who cannot play by the rules, the community will not remain peaceful for long and you will start to see empty houses.

Benefit #3 –Savings

The combination of many factors makes having a 24-hour security presence in your HOA community a savings opportunity rather than just an additional cost the homeowners must bear. That 24-hour presence helps make homeowner policies less expensive and prevents vandalism, so there is a savings on clean-up. More secure communities enjoy higher fill rates than communities without an HOA security program.

Benefit #4 –Peace of Mind

Peace of mind can come in many forms. There is peace of mind knowing someone is always around when you’re not to watch your vehicle, home, and surroundings. HOA security provides an effective barrier between your family and intruders that always seem to show up in peaceful communities. Although it may or may not be the responsibility of an HOA security guard force to keep the peace and stop bullying in an HOA community, just knowing they are there will make many do the right thing which provides all the residents peace of mind.

Western Eagle Security – Best HOA Security Guard Solutions

We at Western Eagle Security can provide everything you need for a 24-hour HOA security guard force. Give us a call and let us provide you an assessment of what your community needs. According to the package of security services you choose, such as armed or unarmed guards, vehicle or on-foot patrols, CCTV, more lights, traffic and parking enforcement, and/or manned gates we can give your HOA community the security you need.

When you requirean initial, updated, or annual assessment of your HOA security needs, call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800. You can also visit the website to fill out a convenient contact form and set-up a community assessment. We will give you several packages to choose from and you can let us know which is best for your community.Or, send us an email:,