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If you are a business owner, you must have concerns regarding the safety of your employees and customers. Most people like you work to keep the premises safe but often forget about the security issues related to a parking lot. Below are a few suggestions on making your parking lot safer.

  1. Buddy System

Do your organization or encourages the buddy system for the employees? If not, then you might be missing something so simple yet so effective. It is a simple method of having a company when coming in and going out. It would help if you made it common among your employees. Ask them to practice it and also advise them to manage their work schedules so that the employees get off at the same time for safety purposes.

2. Add Video Cameras

If your business is tight on budget and you cannot have too many guards for your parking lot, monitored video security is the solution for you. The cameras can cover each corner of the parking lot and having just a few security staff will be enough. With the help of cameras, it is not only easy to deter crimes like vandalism but also provides an excellent way to solve and prevent issues like theft or harassment.

  1. Create Safe Waiting Areas

Where or how do your employees wait around while they are on your property? They could be waiting for a taxi or for their friends or family to pick them up after work. Whatever the reason, step ahead to design a safer and pleasant waiting area for your employees and customers. The area can be a separate designated area just for waiting, or it can be a part of a reception where there is a presence of security guards. Or you can benefit from security cameras to allowing people to have the view of outside while waiting inside.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Western Eagle Security at 281 496 6800.

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