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Over the past few weeks, videos of supermarket pranks have been cropping up on social media. People go to stores, open up a containers of ice-cream, run their tongues across the top, close it back, and return it to its place.

In addition to being a health risk, this also spells bad business for the supermarkets. If customers see these videos, how safe would they feel buying ice-cream or any other edible products from the store? Furthermore, if people can lick ice-cream without being caught, how lax is the security in those stores? And what stops mischief-makers from doing more dangerous things?

To help safeguard the people that frequent grocery stores, here are some tips to improve supermarket security:

    • Train members of staff to be security conscious

A 1-hour training session will go a long way in preparing your staff for certain security situations. At any given time, you will have more attendants on the sales floor than you will have security guards. Your best bet is to turn your staff into makeshift security officers and have them report suspicious activities to the professional guards.

    • Install security cameras at strategic positions

After entrances, exits, and the cash register, it is also important to install security cameras in all store sections. Remember, however, that without a guard monitoring surveillance feeds in real-time, the cameras cannot help you stop a crime; all you have is evidence after the fact.

  • Deploy security guards

Have some guards patrolling the sales floor. This serves several purposes: it keeps vandals away, store attendants have someone to report suspicious activities to, and customers are assured of their security.

If you go the extra length to ensure the security of lives and property in your supermarket, it won’t be long before word spreads and it becomes the go-to store in your community.

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