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A private security guard is more than just a show of force for deterrence at the door or after-hours surveillance. They can provide a sense of stability in the workplace while keeping an eye on an employee that may be going through a rough period, but is otherwise a valued employee. They can also monitor employees that may be suspected of pilferage, misappropriation, or embezzlement, but without proof. And finally, a private security guard or team may be needed when you have a planned event with a high profile guest or when trade secrets need to be protected and visitors must be screened. Hiring part-time or temporary private security will likely be more cost effective than hiring someone permanent, as this would require training, uniforms, equipment and other expenses.

#1 – When You Have an Employee that May Be Unstable

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year.” So, when a supervisor reports an otherwise stellar employee has a violent episode after a situation at home or another personality issue, hiring a private security guard to stabilize the situation temporarily may be the answer. Violent episodes in the workplace can become problematic and it might take law enforcement 15 minutes or more to arrive.

#2 – When You Have Unexplained Shortages

As much as we want to believe our employees are honest, pilfering and embezzlement happen in nearly every workplace. In most cases, it is just small items taken for use at home, such as staplers, paperclips, pens, or other items that would be insignificant if only taken by one person. However, workplace pilferage and embezzlement can cost many small businesses more than what it would cost to hire another employee. When sudden large-scale shortages occur, it might be wise to hire a private security guard to investigate and watch for unusual behavior.

#3 – When You Have a Planned Event Where Private Security Is Needed

When the event is getting close and you are expecting high profile guests, or there is a need for tighter security than normal, it may be necessary to hire temporary and/or part-time private security for a week or two before the event, until shortly after it is over. There may be a requirement for tighter screening of visitors or it might be invited guests only, which will require screening. Although you may be able to use some internal assets, it is probably wise to have a professional appraisal completed before you decide.

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