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When it comes to determining how effective your security guard force is, some indicators are better than others. Three signals they are doing their job are personal observation, employee satisfaction, and a reduction of missing inventory.

Indicator #1 Your Security Guard Is Doing Their Job – Observation

Although you cannot watch your security guards all the time, occasional spot checks of them on the job and security video footage should tell you if your security guard team is doing the required checks. Coming in early or staying late a few times a week could give you valuable insight into their performance when they think no one is watching.

Also, request that the team uses a phone app with notifications, reports, and a GPS tracking system so that supervisors know if they are making their prescribed checks.

Indicator #2 – Employee Satisfaction

When employees feel secure in the workplace, it shows in job performance and productivity. So, if production is up and so are employee smiles, chances are your security guard team is on track.

Indicator #3 – A Substantial Reduction of Missing Inventory

A minor reduction in lost inventory could mean that an employee who was taking inventory home no longer works for you. However, a significant reduction usually means your security is on point and effective.

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