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When it comes to security, it is almost always necessary for big events, businesses and parties to have someone on the lookout for the safety of guests and the well-being of visitors, clients and employees. But, is it always necessary to have armed security? Are you trying to stay away from possible violence or create an atmosphere of fear? If you are searching to hire unarmed security, there are three main reasons and examples of why, including school security, celebrations where there might be drinking and as a visible deterrence.

#1 Visible Deterrence

The biggest advantage of this type of security is that they look the part of safety. Having someone present who is trained for protection is often all it takes! The environment you are in, whether it is a business, party or school, will automatically feel safer if there is a guard present to provide anaura of safety and security.

#2 At Celebrations or Events Where There May Be Drinking

Maybe your business is hosting an event or a party, and alcohol will be served. Although no one intends to get drunk at a company holiday party or at their boss’ home, there is always the possibility of a guest overindulging and becoming unruly or violent. Having unarmed security present lets the guests know that precautions are being taken, but without the impression of danger that armed security might imply.

#3 Unarmed Security at School Entrances

Depending on the location of schools, their environment and sizes, some school districts might require an armed security officer. But why unarmed? Unarmed security gives the impression that the area is safe, but without the visible appearance of firearms. The last thing students want is to come to school feeling unsafe and insecure, but a security guard at the front lets the students know the place is being carefully watched without the need for weapons.

In the end, unarmed security guards are usually the best option. There is lesschance of injury (no gun, no shots fired), it is more affordable and you still receive the security for which you sought. If you are considering hiring security for your next event, go with an unarmed guard. They still have your back!

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