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Security is an important concern for the residents of the gated community, and it is what attracts people. The word gated gives out a sense of safety, and because of it, people are willing to even pay higher prices for living there. Here are some common mistakes that can compromise the security of your gated community, and you can lose your residents and reputation as well.

1. Entry and Exit Points
Be careful about anyone who enters your gated community. Simply placing a gate at the entrance is not enough to make any point secure. Burglars are smart enough to compromise the electric gates and make their way inside. That is why if a gate is the only line of defense, then you are making a mistake. Similarly, it goes for the exit points. So you should also keep a check on everyone who is exiting the community.
To control the situation, place security guards on the entry and exit points and make sure they check the id for anyone going in and out.

2. Security Contact
All the residents of your gated community should have a security contact. This is the contact on which the residents notify if they find anything suspicious. This way, the intruders will not get enough time to wander around, and the security staff can be on their way before it is too late.

3. Absence of Security Staff
Burglars look for the loopholes in the security and monitor moments of the staff present. If they find a gap like the absence of a security guard at a particular place and for a specific time, they can then work out their way and take advantage. Therefore all points must be covered all the time, and there should be no loopholes.
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