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It’s not uncommon for businesses to face robberies and thefts. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Experiencing a robbery can be very dangerous and traumatic. Be it for the staff or customers, it can impact people in major ways. Rather than just a financial loss, it can also leave behind emotional and psychological scars.

This is why recovering from a robbery is considered to be extremely challenging. So how can you prevent a robbery from taking place in a business? Well, rather than focusing on how to stop it entirely, pay attention to the precautions you can take to avoid it.

How to Prevent Robbery in a Business?

Often people get confused between robbery and theft. However, the two greatly differ from each other. Where theft is merely stealing something (think: shoplifting), a robbery is dangerous and pre-planned. It involves using force or weapons to acquire goods and money.

Nonetheless, by following the steps mentioned below, you can prevent any robbery from occurring in a business.

  1. Always Stay Alert
    Being vigilant is a given, especially if your business operates in retail or cosmetic goods. Look out for suspicious activity, constantly check the security cameras, and keep 911 on speed dial.
  2. Train Your Staff Members
    If you cannot always be at your workplace, make sure your staff knows the security protocols. Train them on what to do, which emergency exits to take, etc.
  3. Don’t Leave any Cash Lying Around in the Register
    It doesn’t matter how well your business is doing. Refrain from storing large amounts of cash in the register. This is usually the first point of attraction for robbers.
  4. Don’t Let Any Staff Member Stay Alone During a Shift
    Don’t let your staff members work alone. Whether on a bright and sunny day, or a gloomy night, make sure your business is staffed with more than two people. An empty and deserted shop always attracts robbers.
  5. Maintain Complete Visibility & Transparency
    Install mirrors, glass, and ceiling lights. Also, try to avoid creating product pyramids or installing large shelves. When every barrier is below eye level, the open space will deter anyone from planning a robbery.
  6. Make Sure The Store is Well-lit and Illuminated
    Lights play a huge role in maintaining your business’s safety. Whether it’s a lamp, LED strip lights, or ceiling lights, make sure your store is always well-illuminated. Avoid darkness or dim lighting at all costs.
  7. Install CCTV Cameras & Convex Mirrors
    CCTV cameras, security alarms, convex mirrors, metal bars, etc., are all security gadgets that can work in your favor. They’re the first thing a person notices when planning a crime. So make sure they’re all working.
  8. Put up Deterrence Banners and Signs
    You might not think this is important, but trust that it is. Posters and banners signaling there is a security guard on patrol or that the CCTV cameras are always recording can scare away the robber.
  9. Keep Up with the Community News
    Whether it’s through newspapers, online articles, or apps, make sure you’re updated on what goes around your community. Look out for frequent robberies or anything reported by the police. Take extra prevention measures in such cases.
  10. Hire Live Security Guards
    This is, hands down, one of the best ways to prevent a robbery attack from happening at your business. A live security guard, who is trained and armed, can work in your favor. You won’t have to worry about dealing with the robber yourself. Since the security officer will always be there, you can easily put off anyone planning a robbery.

Long Story Short

It’s not easy to get over a robbery, especially for a business. That is why it’s essential to prevent it at all costs. Train your staff and update them on the safety guidelines. It’s also necessary to hire a trained security guard to help you out.

Someone who has experience can handle such situations with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Strengthen your business’s safety and security by calling Western Eagle today.

Give us a call at (281) 496-6800 or drop by our office at 11201 Richmond Ave. #108, Houston, TX 77082. We’re located right in the heart of Westchase Corporate Park.

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